Le Nouveau Cabinet !

Food and Community
Le café culturel dit Le Cabinet est mis en vente. Les employé.e.s se mobilisent aujourd’hui pour le racheter et pour reprendre l’association du même nom qui gère les activités culturelles et musicales
by Le Nouveau Cabinet, Geneva
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198 backers


Film, Music, and Art
Production of a limited edition vinyl including the soundtrack composed by Kid Chocolat and the film «Shadow» by Pascal Greco & Philippe Pellaud with Asia Argento and Anna-Lou Castoldi.
by Philippe Pellaud and Pascal Greco, Geneva
102% funded
CHF 3’065 pledged
40 backers

New Album: Forks

Following their first album released in 2014, Forks went back to the studio so as to offer you a 5 songs double LP that is a 50 minutes trip. We need your help to get to our final destination!
by FORKS, Fribourg and Vevey
112% funded
CHF 7’884 pledged
67 backers

Ordos, the stillborn city

Photography and Publishing
The world’s biggest new city, Ordos, is under construction in the desert of northern China. It has everything fancier than the others, but still lacks the most essential: its people.
by Adrien Golinelli, Ordos
166% funded
CHF 13’302 pledged
66 backers

Kassette: new album

Kassette, Laure Betris’ project, is releasing a new album : lo-fi live energy, lots of guitars, bluesy mood and sunny songs on tape. With your support it’ll be out in 2016!
by Laure, Fribourg, Lausanne, and Geneva
115% funded
CHF 8’080 pledged
114 backers

Corridors of Power

Photography and Publishing
The photo book «Corridors of Power» allows an insight into different spaces, where important decisions are made. Decisions that influence a great part of our collective existence.
by Luca Zanier, Zurich
121% funded
CHF 10’415 pledged
66 backers

Chernobyl’s children grew up

Exhibition, Photography, and Publishing
Chernobyl disaster gave birth to Ukraine’s youngest city: Slavutych. Discover this city’s youth turning into adults. An adventure filled with love, vodka and optimism.
by Niels Ackermann, Geneva, Slavutych, and Chornobyl
242% funded
CHF 14’534 pledged
136 backers

Dolce Vita, a music club!

Photography, Publishing, and Music
L’histoire du légendaire club lausannois retracée – pour la première fois – dans un très beau livre, à travers plusieurs centaines de photographies, illustrations et textes originaux.
by 30 rue du Dr César Roux, Lausanne
323% funded
CHF 35’560 pledged
286 backers

Lobbywatch Switzerland

Platform for transparent policy with an effective research tool for the screening of lobbyists networks in the Swiss Parliament.
by Sylke Gruhnwald, Nicole Krättli, and Otto Hostettler, Berne, Zurich, and Geneva
138% funded
CHF 13’800 pledged
130 backers

La Procesión de Las Sombras

Film and Art
La Procesión de Las Sombras is an artistic short movie shot in mini dv, Iphone 5, super 8 and 5d. A procession of six motorcycles in the middle of a mexican field.
by Virginie Morillo, Oaxaca
172% funded
CHF 5’160 pledged
41 backers

Francis Francis, erstes Album

Francis Francis bringen ihr erstes Album heraus – mit 8 Titeln zwischen Ethno-Pop und Psychedelic Rock.
by Francis Francis, Fribourg
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Forks est une dose ravageuse de Rock & Roll dans les oreilles ! Notre projet ? Enregistrer notre premier album. Découvrez ici qui nous sommes et contribuer à cette réalisation.
by FORKS, Vevey
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Lifting pour requin

Le plus grand requin blanc taxidermisé du monde fait peau neuve. Soyez partenaire de ce projet de modernisation de la mascotte du Musée de zoologie de Lausanne!
by Musée cantonal de zoologie, Lausanne
41% funded
CHF 8’300 pledged
79 backers

Clips Dear Deër

Film and Music
We are asking for your assistance to help Dear Deër to promote its enchanting music and produce new original videos.
by Dear Deër, Geneva
22% funded
CHF 910 pledged
10 backers