Signoretti Luca

 Choreographic Competitions!


Basel, Burgos, Copenhagen, and Madrid

Choreographic Competitions!

by Samuel Déniz Falcón

My name is Samuel, freelance dancer and choreographer who have had the luck of being selected to participate in 2international competitions with my last piece «I Noticed». To go, I need your support!

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EUR 1’806
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from Südpol to Südpol


Lucerne, Berne, and Antwerp

In his first full-length dance piece «from Südpol to Südpol», rising Belgium choreographer Bert Uyttenhove explores the In-Between, where life-changing decisions are made.

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CHF 4’558
33 backers
Involution - a dance performance



Involution - a dance performance

by Herrera Entertainment

With this project we want to represent our world that is constantly becoming more complex and where the individual often plays a secundary role. Premiere: 25 of April 2014

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CHF 6’256
53 backers

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