POV paper issue #9

Photography, Publishing, and Art
POV paper is going from a quarterly paper to a yearly art magazine. Now that we're independent from La Fête du Slip, we need your help to continue the adventure!
by POV paper and La Fête du Slip, Lausanne, Biel/Bienne, and Zürich
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Queen's Underwear 1rst album

The Queen’s Underwear est un groupe Lausannois qui partage sur scène un mélange haut en couleur de strass et de Garage-Funk. Elles ont la niaque et besoin de toi pour financer leur premier album. <3
by Alice, Lausanne
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102 backers

Larytta’s new music video

Film and Music
LARYTTA, a dynamic pop-duo from Lausanne, is coming back with a new album, to be released this fall. Our purpose? Making a music video for the single «OSAMA OBAMA».
by Larytta, Lausanne and New York
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Nue (naked)

Mélodie wants to emancipate herself from her biological determinisms. She kidnaps her own organs and embarks on an epic journey through the world to re-assemble her fragmented identity.
by Mélodie Mousset, Berne, Paris, and Mexico City
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111 La Placette

Exhibition, Publishing, and Art
La Placette is celebrating its 10th birthday! A catalog recounting the 111 first exhibitions will be published to mark this anniversary.
by La Placette, Lausanne
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La Fête du Slip - Edition 2014

Festival and Art
La Fête du Slip is a multidisciplinary festival about gender and sexuality. The second edition will take place from the 7th to the 9th of March 2014, in Lausanne, Switzerland.
by La Fête du Slip, Lausanne
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115 backers