Art, Sport, and Tourism


Zaric at « Trient »

by Zaric-au-Trient

In memory of our friend, artist and mountaineer, Nikola Zaric (1961-2017), we would like to buy his sculptures installed at the «Trient» mountain hut in 2014 so that they remain there.

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Food, agriculture, and Environment

Yverdon-les-Bains, Lausanne, and Renens

Food truck L'OVNYVORE

by Association OVNY

The OVNYVORE is an associative, organic and local food truck active in the North of Vaud and the Lausanne region. Its mission is to offer a rich, varied and homemade vegetable cooking service.

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Photography and Publishing


I have kept working in Haiti for many years. In September my work will be published by Scheidegger & Spiess in Zürich. The publication will coincide with an exhibition at the Fotozentrum Winterthur.

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Photography and Publishing


Lorsque la photographie révèle notre humanité, là où nous ne voulons plus la voir. «Roms, la quête infatigable du paradis», un témoignage unique en son genre.

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Science, Community, and Education

Basel and Zürich

Unveil vagina’s microworld!

by Monica Ticlla Ccenhua, Sonja Merten, and Ethel Mendocilla Sato

Are you aware that an army of microbes protects each vagina? We want to trigger an open conversation about vaginal health and empower women with knowledge of their most intimate microbes.

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