Tiny Dining House

Food, tourism, and Environment

Horgen and Zürich

Tiny Dining House

by Carla O. and Bloch Private Dining

Expirience a unforgettable dinner with your loved ones or a sleep over under the starry sky. What's missing: the undercarriage, a few new windows, the interior and you!

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Will öpper becomes WOP

Startup, Community, and Environment


Will öpper becomes WOP

by Carla O. and Verein_WOP

With our App named WOP you’ll be able to give away loved but unused objects locally. Let’s move our current plattform away from facebook to a self-organized App now.

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Geliebtes Zürich 2

Journalism and Environment


With «Geliebtes Zürich 2» you discover Zurich again. The city guide with 20 stories and illustrations needs your support so it can be printed sustainably in Switzerland in a small edition.

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Geliebtes Zürich

Community, Literature, and Environment


Mit «Geliebtes Zürich» entdeckst du Zürich von Neuem. Der Stadtguide mit 20 Geschichten & Illustrationen soll klimaneutral, kompostierbar in Kleinauflage in der Schweiz nachhaltig gedruckt werden.

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