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Community, art, and Education
Open to all, La Maison du Récit invites us to take care of stories, as well as to create and revisit our individual and collective stories to (re)invent our lives and our cultures together.
by La Maison du Récit, Lausanne
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Music, Community, and Festival
Show-me is the first digital live music forum dedicated to self-entrepreneur artists in solo and duo format. It takes place in Zurich at the legendary Moods club from 24th -26th January 2020.
by Show-me, Zürich
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Film, art, and Technology
The story of Romain, a professional YouTuber with millions of followers, who takes part in a 24-hour «live streaming» contest.
by Anastase Liaros, Fribourg and Geneva
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Politics, Journalism, and Sport
We want to preserve our national, regional and local radios and TV channels. We want to preserve Swiss cinema, music and sports! Help us in our campaign against the No Billag initiative!
by médias pour tous - medien für alle - media per tutti, Bern
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Nolosé auf Kuba mit Hector Martignon

Nolosé, das sind 10 Jahre kulturelle und künstlerische Vielfalt zwischen Jazz und Salsa. Die Band aus Lausanne ist zum berühmten Festival von Havanna eingeladen.
by Nolosé, Havana
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Publishing and Art
Dora Formica a fait le tour du monde et rempli de dessins ses carnets de croquis. Elle en a fait un blog mais les éditions indépendantes Hélice Hélas trouvent ça trop beau et veulent en faire un livre.
by hélice hélas, Vevey
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