Ixpaluca - equitable coffee

Startup, agriculture, and Fair Trade
Support Ixpaluca, the first ever coffee created under the Equal Profit model, which upholds a new way of merchandising by redistributing profits in an equitable and transparent manner.
by Equal Profit, Geneva, Bern, and Ixpaluca
112% funded
CHF 30’248 pledged
215 backers

Lemoncha in Lausanne !

Food and Startup
We are coming to Lausanne to a place already appreciated by many, the MELAZIC Kingdom! Support the project and be part of our adventure!
by Lemoncha, Lausanne
104% funded
CHF 52’196 pledged
140 backers

La Guintsette

Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Environment
La Guintsette ouvrira en juin à Leysin! Cette épicerie durable et participative proposera des produits locaux, bios et vendus en vrac. Les épiciers seront les producteurs/artisans eux-mêmes!
by Club La Guintsette, Leysin
118% funded
CHF 23’655 pledged
124 backers

Salomé, original opera

Music and Performing Arts
In the continuity of its multidisciplinary research, Kaleidos Company presents Salome, an original opera composed by Gérard Massini and staged by Leili Yahr after the eponymous piece by Oscar Wilde
by Cie Kaleidos, Vevey and Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 6’227 pledged
35 backers

Un Royaume à Genève

Food and Startup
Après Lausanne, MELAZIC rêve aujourd’hui de partir à la conquête de Genève pour y ouvrir un Royaume rempli de cupcakes et gâteaux faits avec amour, d’ateliers pâtisserie et d'idées cadeaux royales!
by Mélanie, Geneva
130% funded
CHF 65’180 pledged
496 backers