Trio Klavis & Peter Turrini

Music and Literature


On the album «In the name of love» music and poetry tell stories of love, fears and hopes of an adolescent. Trio Klavis plays music by their saxophonist Miha Ferk, Peter Turrini reads Peter Turrini.

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EUR 8’200
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Impact Fund 2022: Vol. 3



Impact Fund 2022: Vol. 3

by Verein Impact2020 and Team wemakeit

The climate needs our continued commitment! With your help, the Impact Fund supports crowdfunding projects for a greener future for the third time. Time is running out, so get involved!

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CHF 302’560
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Michael Publig-CALIENTE



Michael Publig-CALIENTE

by michael.publig

Finally Michael Publig could realize his heart felt project. He chose his favourite musicians and recorded «Caliente» («hot»). Fiery Ibero-American music meets haunting ballads and Cuban rhythms.

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EUR 3’537
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JHCBB Vinyl-Release & Tour


Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Graz

The Jakob Helling Concert Big Band wants to release their Debut on Vinyl and have a tour in 2020. To make that happen we need your support.

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EUR 6’086
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Rhythm Diaries


Havana, Linz, and London

Rhythm Diaries

by Bernhard Schimpelsberger

Rhythm is a universal language! With your support I travel to Cuba to collaborate with the masters of rhythm. The magic of these encounters will be captured in a music album & a documentary film.

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EUR 12’370
82 backers
Solo Tango



Solo Tango

by Christian Bakanic

Solo Tango CD von Christian Bakanic! Seit 15 Jahren spiele, arrangiere und komponiere ich argentinische Tangos. Nun endlich soll mein erstes Solo Album erscheinen.

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EUR 5’998
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