Loopi Stroller Subscription

Startup, Kids / Youth, and Environment
We’re pioneering stroller design to be repairable, refurbishable and recyclable. Available as a subscription, our stroller hopes to be a circular economy role model. Please support our prototype!
by Loopi, Zürich
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Impact Fund 2021: Next Level

Together, we can do it: We are giving 20 top crowdfunding projects, all of which have exhibited a positive impact on climate – a boost. Get involved today to help shape a better world for tomorrow.
by Verein Impact2020, Partnerstiftung (Start 2021), and Team wemakeit, Zürich and Vienna
216% funded
CHF 541’690 pledged
2323 backers

Rent organic baby clothes

Fashion, Startup, and Kids / Youth
Organic baby clothes from sustainable brands are passed from one family to the next. Because we rather share than accumulate, we protect our little ones and our planet. Baby clothes going circular.
by OÏOÏOÏ baby - www.oioioibaby.ch, Zürich
100% funded
CHF 40’213 pledged
88 backers

Rise Up For Change

Politics, Community, and Environment
We are back! Am Freitag, 4. September, streiken wir erstmals seit dem Lockdown und bringen die Klimakrise zurück in den Fokus. Zudem organisieren wir eine Aktionswoche vom 20.-25.09 in Bern. Hilf mit!
by Klimastreik Schweiz, Bern
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Food Waste as Resource

Startup, agriculture, and Environment
Help us to build the little house for the queen of bioconversion. Where it reproduces and prepares itself for the process of valorization of food waste into new sustainable and healthy resources.
by Elisa Filippi and Elena Bittante, Tesserete
102% funded
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ZeroWaste im Chreis 9

Food, Community, and Environment
Das FOIFI-Team macht sich auf den Weg in den Chreis 9. Unverpackt. Plastikfrei. Bio. Das ZOLLFREI im Areal Freilager - unser 2. ZeroWaste Ladencafé in Zürich. Ein Ort für Einkauf, Genuss & Begegnung.
by Staibock&Leu, Zürich
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