Markus Fischer

Cool Beans Crowdfunding

Food and Startup


Cool Beans, the wood-burning oven bakery at Markthalle Basel, has to add to its infrastructure and, at the same time, wants to become an «experience bakery».

104 %
CHF 36’605
200 backers
Lyfa - Plastic Free Living

Startup, Technology, and Environment


The online store and delivery service for plastic free groceries, bringing convenience to a reduced waste lifestyle. You order online and we'll deliver everything to you in reusable containers.

129 %
CHF 28’408
115 backers
Bird swarms as an essay film

Film, art, and Environment


These aesthetic, almost meditative flight manoeuvres are art! In a poetic way, the film leed us to the exhilarating world of swarms of starlings, which have been documented from close up for weeks.

102 %
CHF 11’808
52 backers
Something Else Instead

Games and Design

Lausanne and Basel

Charming flirting tips, good damn advice, funny jokes as well as anti-stress exercise. This is Something Else Instead, ingenious packs of cards that help you through thick and thin and give you a chance to shine wherever you are.

123 %
CHF 12’371
134 backers

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