Coffee shop at Gundeli

Food, Startup, and Fair Trade
Together with you we want to change the world – one cup of coffee at a time. After successfully launching our online shop we're embarking on the next adventure: Opening a coffee shop in Basel!
by Direct Coffee, Basel and Agaro
105% funded
CHF 10’742 pledged
84 backers

Choba Choba – Nativo Project

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment
Cacao diversity is at risk today with an industry producing standardized chocolates. Help us to save rare cacao varieties and together we will create the most amazing Swiss chocolates out of them!
by Choba Choba, Bern and Juanjuí
175% funded
CHF 140’073 pledged
1064 backers

Chernobyl’s children grew up

Exhibition, Photography, and Publishing
Chernobyl disaster gave birth to Ukraine’s youngest city: Slavutych. Discover this city’s youth turning into adults. An adventure filled with love, vodka and optimism.
by Niels Ackermann, Geneva, Slavutych, and Chornobyl
242% funded
CHF 14’534 pledged
136 backers

Cadesio, Swiss Chocolate

Food, Startup, and Community
We dream of improving the society around us through chocolate and self-awareness. Nine chocolates, nine powerful messages and nine Swiss ONGs. Support our project and be part of the change.
by Cadesio Team, Lausanne
23% funded
CHF 13’868 pledged
119 backers

Yaksha – Sustainable spices

Food, Startup, and Fair Trade
The spice route must be more transparent. Yaksha sells organic and fair trade spices from a single origin. Together, let's create an innovative concept based on ethical values.
by Yaksha, Lausanne
61% funded
CHF 21’460 pledged
111 backers