17 shots in a box

Photography, Publishing, and Design


First limited edition of a collection edited by Near in association with Grussformat. «17 shots in a box» gathers 17 photographs (postcard format) in a crafted box.

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Olten’s new album



The first album of the trio based in the Watch Valley. Fourty minutes of post-porn-sluge tuned at the lowest by the Devil himself.

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Unterstützt das Festival…

Exhibition, Photography, and Festival


Die zeitgenössische Fotografie trifft sich vom 22.8 bis 14.9.2014 an den Bieler Fototagen!

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Photography and Publishing



by Corinne Currat and Mauron

Une exposition et une publication réunissant 12 photographes et vidéastes autour de la thématique du rituel. Le projet sera visible à la Ferme-Asile, à Sion, du 8.11.2014 au 1.02.2015.

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Still – Brigitte Lustenberger

Photography, Publishing, and Art

Berne, Zurich, and Lausanne

Still – Brigitte Lustenberger

by Brigitte Lustenberger

I, Brigitte Lustenberger, plan to publish my two recent bodies of works «Previously on …» and «Still Untitled». Support me and get a signed copy of the book «STILL»!

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a dissident room

Exhibition and Art


a dissident room

by Barbezat-Villetard

Création d’une oeuvre monumentale dans le Musée d’art du Valais.Un geste radicale, qui demande des moyens exceptionnels.

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