Pascale Gaille





by Johanna Heusser

A Greek island: Tinos. A paradise for dropouts, anarchists and emigrants - and new luck. For 40 years home of Heidi - my grandmother, the main character of this story.

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Together Now



Together Now

by Verein Grundeinkommen, Team wemakeit, and Dezentrum

Zusammen mit dir unterstützen wir diejenigen, die die Coronakrise am Ärgsten trifft. Wir schaffen ein Überbrückungseinkommen, das Menschen ohne Festanstellung durch die Krise hilft. Mach's möglich!

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Quiet Space Inside Album

Music and Education

Hamburg, Ubud, and Basel

Quiet Space Inside Album

by Balthasar Balz Ewald

Gentle songs with piano accompaniment for inner peace and relaxation. One song blends into the next creating a meditative feel. Lyrics about a mindful, peaceful and compassionate way of living.

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Frozen Education

Exhibition, art, and Education


Frozen Education

by tsotrayot

FROZEN EDUCATION is an art exhibition on the topic of education. Taking Greece as the case study, it intends to create a laboratory for exploring pedagogy and cultivating ideas.

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B.YOGA: A growing cOMmunity

Design, Community, and Education


B. Yoga Basel studio is creating a bigger & better sanctuary for people of our community to practice and relish. We seek your support to make our new dream home a reality ... Come and grow with us!

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