Organic Farm in the desert

Agriculture, Community, and Environment
We want to make the desert green and stop desertification! Our farm is 100% organic, including dates, olives, lemons and many other trees and vegetables. Where there is love 4 nature, there is life.
by Organic Farm in Morocco‘s Desert, Boudenib
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CHF 5’236 pledged
55 backers

Die Vermicelleria

Wir sind Hanna, Nicole und David. Und wir lieben Vermicelles. Deshalb eröffnen wir im November die Vermicelleria im Tellhof: 3 Wochen lang frisches Vermicelles aus Aargauer und Bergeller Marroni.
by Vermicelleria, Zürich
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CHF 15’929 pledged
312 backers

«As It Is» Production 2019

Performing Arts
Our newest piece, «As It Is», will be on stage this December. It will mark our leap as a company from amateur to professional. We are hoping you can help us make sure the production happens!
by Buchmann & Horst, Zürich
101% funded
CHF 7’257 pledged
70 backers


Film, Music, and Performing Arts
In LAMPEDAME, authentic meets bizarre, the spirit of time meets the village square. Help to realize a piece of surreal outdoor theatre. Bring us to light!
by Stradini Theater, Ins
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156 backers

BrauKunst Bern GmbH

Food and Startup
Helft uns dabei unsere neue Brauerei unter besten Bedingungen zu eröffnen! Wir brauchen eure Hilfe damit wir die baulichen Veränderungen realisieren und neue, grössere Maschinen anschaffen können.
by BrauKunst Bern GmbH, Bern
28% funded
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116 backers

Town Tests Future

Science and Community
We are testing the concept of Unconditional Basic Income with 770 residents of the Swiss village of Rheinau. To make it happen we start the largest ever crowd funding campaign in Switzerland. Join in.
by Dorf testet Zukunft, Rheinau
2% funded
CHF 151’667 pledged
1229 backers