This book is yours.

Publishing, Community, and Art
A handbook for artistic research with recipes to cook and other instructions by the artists of Arc artist residency in Romainmôtier.
by Sally, Julien, Alberto, Valentine, Gosie & Julien, Romainmôtier, Fribourg, and Lausanne
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Le Poisson belge en Avignon

Performing Arts
Le Poisson belge est à l’affiche au Festival d’Avignon cet été!
Quelle joie pour nous de réaliser ce rêve... qui a grand besoin
de votre soutien!
by Cie La Fourmilière, Avignon
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Et si...

Photography, Publishing, and Architecture
Das Buch «ET SI…» präsentiert Bildpaare von einem Ort, das Erste Bild zeigt ein Ist-Zustand das Zweite Bild eine Verwandlung davon. Dies soll die Wahrnehmung unseres Stadtumfeld visuell hinterfragen.
by Samuel Rey, Fribourg
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This Book is Great

Publishing, Performing arts, and Festival
Festival Belluard Bollwerk International is 30! With your help, we’re celebrating by creating a special book in collaboration with hundreds of the people who have made it GREAT since 1983.
by Martin Schick & François Gremaud, Fribourg
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BALI another way

Discover daily life of a tiny little Balinese village, far off the beaten track, its ceremonies, gamelan, dancing lessons & temple dancers, work in the rice fields, kids playing in the street etc.
by Rob van Wely, Denpasar
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