Voyage vers la vie

Community and Kids / Youth
Together let's heal, both in Switzerland and in their home country, children who suffer from serious illnesses.

by Terre des hommes - Alexandre Favini, Lausanne, Geneva, and Zürich
103% funded
CHF 43’873 pledged
206 backers

Something Else Instead

Games and Design
Charming flirting tips, good damn advice, funny jokes as well as anti-stress exercise. This is Something Else Instead, ingenious packs of cards that help you through thick and thin and give you a chance to shine wherever you are.
by HELVETIQ, Lausanne and Basel
123% funded
CHF 12’371 pledged
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Multi-usage waste compactor

Startup, Technology, and Environment
A manual multi-compactor for your home waste: e-crush. It reduces 60 liters of waste into 17 liters and can also reduce plastic bottles and aluminium. It’s a true home sorting center.
by Waste Allocation Systems, Zurich, Orbe, and Lausanne
130% funded
CHF 26’170 pledged
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Trinkst du Apocalypse?

Food and Agriculture
Die Idee, in Patmos wieder einen Rebberg anzubauen, war verrückt, aber nicht verrückter als die Waadtländer Winzer, die mitgemacht haben, und heute werden 12’000 Fuss Reben angebaut!
by Zisyadis Marika, Patmos
113% funded
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TRACTION A VENT: On ne va pas les laisser partir comme ça!

Un film sur une des plus anciennes fanfares lausannoises en tournée au Portugal. Un portrait de groupe, des portraits tout court. Regards, émotions, silences, rires et musique!
by MinanoFilms, Lausanne
110% funded
CHF 9’690 pledged
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SOS Bistrot de Montelly

Food and Community
Le Bistrot de Montelly, plus de 110 ans, a besoin de vous pour continuer à vous offrir de la nourriture locale, artisanale et de qualité... Venez faire partie des Amis du Montelly!
by Bistrot de Montelly, Lausanne
40% funded
CHF 48’413 pledged
278 backers