Fashion, Design, and Fair Trade


Launching Atelier 9

by Aurore de Geer, Muriel Laurent, and Oya Kozacioglu

Contribute to launching Atelier 9, an independent jewellery studio and shop in Geneva. Nothing is lost, all is transformed, the motto of 3 jewellers taking over the shop of a retired colleague.

CHF 26’900
107 %
163 backers

Food, Music, and Education


Let’s save ’Bateau-Lavoir’!

by café - restaurant 'le bateau-lavoir'

The Bateau-Lavoir is a unique socio-cultural scene set on the Rhône riverbank. It offers young people work placements to help them reintegrate into society, and operates on a non-subsidised basis.

CHF 51’683
103 %
356 backers

Food and Startup


Susuru Ramen

by Lionel Coudray, Nour Khadam, and Alexandre Valette

Situé au centre de Genève, Susuru est un bar à ramen qui a besoin de votre soutien pour acquérir une machine à produire de véritables nouilles japonaises, à base de farine artisanale suisse.

CHF 41’815
105 %
231 backers

Film and Art


La Procesión de Las Sombras

by Virginie Morillo

La Procesión de Las Sombras is an artistic short movie shot in mini dv, Iphone 5, super 8 and 5d. A procession of six motorcycles in the middle of a mexican field.

CHF 5’160
172 %
41 backers