Alicia Rosselet

BISOU BAR – coup de pouce!

Community and Food


BISOU BAR est un comptoir de quartier qui remplacera notre bien aimé café-librairie LIVRESSE à Plainpalais. Vins vivants et sauvages, cuisine engagée et de l'amour ! Ouvert du mercredi au dimanche

101 %
CHF 15’250
140 backers
Launching Atelier 9

Design, Fashion, and Fair Trade


Launching Atelier 9

by Aurore de Geer, Muriel Laurent, and Oya Kozacioglu

Contribute to launching Atelier 9, an independent jewellery studio and shop in Geneva. Nothing is lost, all is transformed, the motto of 3 jewellers taking over the shop of a retired colleague.

107 %
CHF 26’900
163 backers
Let’s save 'Bateau-Lavoir'!

Education, Food, and Music


Let’s save ’Bateau-Lavoir’!

by café - restaurant 'le bateau-lavoir'

The Bateau-Lavoir is a unique socio-cultural scene set on the Rhône riverbank. It offers young people work placements to help them reintegrate into society, and operates on a non-subsidised basis.

103 %
CHF 51’683
356 backers
Susuru Ramen

Food and Startup


Susuru Ramen

by Lionel Coudray, Nour Khadam, and Alexandre Valette

Situé au centre de Genève, Susuru est un bar à ramen qui a besoin de votre soutien pour acquérir une machine à produire de véritables nouilles japonaises, à base de farine artisanale suisse.

105 %
CHF 41’815
231 backers
La Procesión de Las Sombras

Art and Film


La Procesión de Las Sombras

by Virginie Morillo

La Procesión de Las Sombras is an artistic short movie shot in mini dv, Iphone 5, super 8 and 5d. A procession of six motorcycles in the middle of a mexican field.

172 %
CHF 5’160
41 backers
BinGo,  At-home recycling

Environment and Startup

Geneva, Nyon, and Lausanne

Change your vision of recycling! The home recycling subscription that will change your life. Up to ten types of waste centralised in one bin collected directly from your home.

24 %
CHF 7’455
42 backers

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