Photography, Music, and Literature
«Apassionata» is the story of Beethoven's secret love affair, that had to be suppressed throughout centuries – still, it has been resonating up until our days, as it was born out of a unique force.
by Helga, Prague, Martonvásár, and Budapest
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FYN Hummus for Switzerland!

Food, agriculture, and Environment
We bring the most innovative products of Swiss agriculture to your kitchen table or office! Our hummus is local, super tasty, healthy and made from 100% CH organic ingredients.
by Anik, Theo, and Johanna, Zürich
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Nannerl Mozart

Fashion, Music, and Art
A portrait of Nannerl, the only sister of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart in music and visuals. Second production of the Hungarian musician Helga Váradi in cooperation with the Nannerl-Museum in St. Gilgen.
by Helga, Basel and Saint Gilgen
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Mozart und Chopin in Eritrea

Music and Education
In Eritrea wird klassische Musik geübt. Das Projekt: Schweizer Pianist + Musikpädagogin unterrichten junge Menschen in Asmara in Klavierspiel und Pädagogik – Lebensperspektiven tun sich auf!
by Esther Haas, Asmara
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Stubete am See

Music and Performing Arts
Wir organisieren ein Festival für innovative Volksmusik auf den Tonhallen- und Kongresshausbühnen. Ein ungezwungenes Fest zum mitträumen, mitsummen, und tanzen.
by Florian Walser and Johannes-Schmid-Kunz, Zurich
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