ALATA Swiss Apéritif

Food and Startup
ALATA produces natural aperitifs in Valais. Two years ago, the adventure began with a range of Vermouths and continues today with three new homemade aperitifs.
by Hugo Pozzo di Borgo, Monthey
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Free Rental System @ KC LAB

Community and Art
We are facilitating a donation of technical equipment to «Kulturni Centar LAB» in Novi Sad, Serbia. The crew will use the equipment to open a free rental system for young artists. – When? 1st of july!
by INTRDPNDNCY, Novi Sad and Zürich
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La nuit au port

La nuit au port est un court-métrage de fiction fantastique écrit et réalisé Pauline Deutsch dans le cadre de son film de diplôme à l’Écal. Il est co-produit par l’Écal et Collection Films.
by Pau Line, Strasbourg
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«ALATA» Vermouth

ALATA is a Swiss artisanal vermouth produced from Valais wine. It is a contemporary and natural reinterpretation of this drink that we invite you to discover first hand today.
by Hugo Pozzo di Borgo, Martigny
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KymèM Café

Food, Community, and Art
Le KymèM Cafè propose un espace novateur et unique à Vevey qui a pour intention de réunir, sous un même toit, café-restaurant, lieu d’exposition et ateliers de création artistiques.
by Salvatore Piscopo > KymèM Café, Vevey
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Magie, Snowboard, Valais

Photography, Film, and Sport
Film – book – exhibition! Following a young team of snowboarders, the project enables you to travel the Valais and immerge into its snowy mountain summits!
by Thierry Sermier, Grimentz, Nax, and Bagnes
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NOUT – vinyl shop

Music and Art
NOUT is an association that was recently created with the goal of opening and running a vinyl shop dedicated to electronic music culture, in the Pâquis area in Geneva.
by NOUT, Geneva
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