Investigating use of data

Publishing, Politics, and Journalism


Investigating use of data

by Serge Michel,, and Fondation pour l'innovation et la diversité dans l'information

An investigation into how our data is used by corporations such as SBB, La Poste, Coop, Migros, health insurers and others. It is in the public interest to understand what they do with it.

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Zaric at « Trient »

Art, Sport, and Tourism


Zaric at « Trient »

by anne peverelli

In memory of our friend, artist and mountaineer, Nikola Zaric (1961-2017), we would like to buy his sculptures installed at the «Trient» mountain hut in 2014 so that they remain there.

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Wie tickt die Schweiz?

Science and Community


Wie tickt die Schweiz?

by Angewandte Linguistik ZHAW

Worüber denkt unsere Gesellschaft nach, wie redet sie und was beschäftigt sie? Wir wollen eine App entwickeln, die in allen vier Sprachregionen zeigt, wie die Schweiz tickt.

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La Couleur des Émotions

Film and Art


La Couleur des Émotions

by Céline Thurre-Millius

Dans un monde où assumer ses émotions revient à montrer ses faiblesses, Marion, sensible et discrète, nous raconte ses 18 ans. Une web-série qui illustre la joie, la peur, la colère et la tristesse.

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Hackuarium needs you, too!

Science, Community, and Art

Lausanne and Renens

Three years ago, Hackuarium opened a laboratory for curious minds looking for answers to their questions. Why are our bees dying? Can I safely swim in the lake or make yeast sing? Help us do more!

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Community, Festival, and Sport



by Association romande du voyage à vélo

Le premier Festival du voyage à vélo en Suisse! Projections de films et diaporamas, tables rondes et stands des conférenciers permettant un échange.

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Last Year of Congo Mirador

Film, Politics, and Kids / Youth

Congo Mirador

A documentary about the small neglected village Congo Mirador, built on stilts in the middle of Lake Maracaibo (VE), Latin America's largest oil field. One village, one country, sinking in violence.

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«ALATA» Vermouth



«ALATA» Vermouth

by Hugo Pozzo di Borgo

ALATA is a Swiss artisanal vermouth produced from Valais wine. It is a contemporary and natural reinterpretation of this drink that we invite you to discover first hand today.

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Migrant session in Lausanne

Politics and Community


Stand up for a more open-minded Switzerland and support our project «sessions of parliament by migrants for migrants»!

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