Save LangstrassenKultur

Community, Performing arts, and Art


Save LangstrassenKultur

by Verein LangstrassenKultur

The year 2020 has hit us hard and shaken us to the core. In order for this space of encounter to survive, we hope for your support. Thank you!

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CHF 16’950
148 backers
The Nice Magazine

Photography, Publishing, and Design

Abidjan and Zürich

The Nice Magazine

by Klaym, Rahel, and Flurina & Franziska

Insights into contemporary urban Africa through visual and written contributions by up-and-coming young African talents

107 %
CHF 26’786
255 backers
Damien Hirst for Sale

Startup, Design, and Art

Shanghai, Zürich, and Basel

Damien Hirst for Sale

by Jeremie Jean-Ferdinand Maret

A Hirst belongs in every art collector's bathroom. Now available as a design object for the masses. 100% handmade in China, cheaper & more durable than any other Hirst you can find on the art market.

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EUR 42’420
106 backers
Louve by Maison Perruche

Fashion and Environment

Geneva, Zürich, and Belgrade

Louve by Maison Perruche

by Maison Perruche by Céline Peruzzo

The Louve Collection by Maison Perruche – a creative fashion project, or how we transform our grandmothers old furs into exceptional new models. A daring recycling challenge!

128 %
CHF 14’120
35 backers
EP – Steiner & Madlaina


Berlin and Zürich

EP – Steiner & Madlaina

by Steiner_Madlaina

Unterstütze die neue EP von Steiner & Madlaina. Zusammen mit euch wollen wir unseren Traum verwirklichen und die gepresste EP in unseren Händen halten. Grande amore!

112 %
CHF 10’091
90 backers

Community, Technology, and Education



by Christian Hirsig

With your support we are going to launch a coding academy for refugees in Bern. If possible we will open the school mid January and in April our first 10 to 20 students will start their internships.

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CHF 23’475
163 backers

Music and Community


In the remote Dryanovo village in the bulgarian Rhodopi mountin old women sing unique songs. Let’s record and share these songs, preserve diverse cultural heritage, and support Dryanovo grannies!

127 %
EUR 6’250
128 backers
165 celebration days: Dada!

Exhibition, Festival, and Art


165 celebration days: Dada!

by Adrian Christopher Notz and Cabaret Voltaire

In 2016 Dada will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Cabaret Voltaire will commemorate this happening by holding 165 days of festivities and by presenting a special exhibition. Support us in our activities and receive in return your personal holiday.

101 %
CHF 101’310
157 backers
Mir langets!

Politics and Journalism


Mir langets!

by Donat Kaufmann

Lasst uns gemeinsam ein Zeichen setzen und mit dem Kauf der Frontseite der Zeitung «20 Minuten» auf die absurden Züge des aktuellen Wahlkampfs aufmerksam machen.

106 %
CHF 147’271
12236 backers
Markus Bischoff nach Bern!


Winterthur and Zurich

Markus Bischoff nach Bern!

by Unbestechlich links Liste 19

Unbestechlich, unbequem, links! Bei den Nationalratswahlen am 18. Oktober 2015 Liste 19 der AL einwerfen und mit Markus Bischoff einen Sitz für die AL im Nationalrat erobern, wo wir längst hingehören!

100 %
CHF 20’174
90 backers
None Of Them & Zweihund

Film and Music

Mumbai and Zurich

None Of Them & Zweihund

by Nice Try Records

«None Of Them» make music for the 22nd century. Filmmakers zweihund will shoot a video clip in India for the song «Silence», which will appear simultaneously with the debut album.

101 %
CHF 6’110
56 backers
Coloured attitudes – Gender stereotypes in public!

Politics, Community, and Art

Fribourg, Berne, and Zurich

Coloured attitudes – Gender stereotypes in public!

by Shamsia & TERRE DES FEMMES Schweiz

3 graffiti-workshops in CH led by the Afghan female graffiti-artist to inspire teenagers to break out of old-fashioned gender roles

103 %
CHF 2’345
34 backers
Streetarchive Zürich

Photography, Community, and Art


Streetarchive Zürich


Um das erste Zürcher Streetartarchive zu erhalten, brauche ich dringend eine solide, technische Speicherbasis für die mittlerweile über 80'000 Fotos.

101 %
CHF 6’105
49 backers
Art Freaks

Photography, Publishing, and Art

New York

Art Freaks

by Julien Mercier

Swiss-born/New-York based artist Olaf Breuning wants to publish a limited run of 300 editions on his series «Art Freaks». Support him and get one of the books!

100 %
CHF 5’520
58 backers
Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Exhibition and Art


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

by Kunstverein Zürich

12 artists in the middle of the financial world. A former asset management place turns from May 11th till 26th into an art exhibition about wealth and fortune.

115 %
CHF 1’380
12 backers

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