Stop Plastic! – Goa (India)

Kids / Youth, tourism, and Environment
Help us launching an environmental awareness campaign in India! We fight plastic pollution, and protect the endangered marine wildlife of Goa.
by Swiss Cetacean Society and Ivan, Goa Velha and Lausanne
101% funded
CHF 20’329 pledged
189 backers

Zollingers Solid Shampoo bar

Startup, Fair Trade, and Environment
We are launching our first Solid Shampoo bar based on blue linseed (flax) extracts, straight from our garden: a rich foam that's soft on your hair, all without plastics!
by Zollinger Bio, Port-Valais
273% funded
CHF 27’356 pledged
683 backers

Save the Bees

Science, Startup, and Environment
The varroa mite is the main reason for bee deaths, we have found a solution to defeat the parasite. Support us in making our innovation accessible to all beekeepers.
by Pascal and Willi, Winterthur
190% funded
CHF 95’446 pledged
565 backers

The Sea Cleaners

Science and Environment
Let’s clean the oceans together with the first sailboat raking up the seas to collect plastic wastes.
by The Sea Cleaners, Geneva
123% funded
CHF 61’877 pledged
248 backers

Le panier culturel

Le panier culturel offre de la visibilité à des initiatives artistiques peu médiatisées en proposant 4 fois par an un contenu pluridisciplinaire qui suit l’agenda culturel de la région suisse romande.
by Le panier culturel, Lausanne, Yverdon-les-Bains, Vevey, and Morges
118% funded
CHF 17’785 pledged
171 backers

Mood Café

Food and Startup
Le Mood, c’est quoi? Un lieu chaleureux où saveurs locales et mets de saison, dans les palais se révéleront.
by Mood, Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 30’954 pledged
174 backers

Epicerie La Brouette

Food, Community, and Environment
La Brouette ouvrira en septembre à Lausanne! Ce projet coopératif propose des produits locaux, bios, vendus en vrac. Les acteurs principaux ne sont autres que les producteurs et les clients!
by Epicerie La Brouette, Lausanne
155% funded
CHF 62’102 pledged
656 backers