100% sustainable food

Food, Community, and Environment


Your local bistro-shop-guesthouse that changes the rules to reduce food waste, fight social injustice, with a well thought-out zero waste concept and the desire to share.

100 %
CHF 45’050
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EP "Les vaches de mon frère"


Yverdon-les-Bains, Lausanne, and Neuchâtel

Après deux albums, Sophie Sciboz poursuit sa route dans la chanson avec un EP de 5 titres. Osé, drôle, engagé.

113 %
CHF 11’345
103 backers
Le Rucher de Piwi

Community, Environment, and Education


Le Rucher de Piwi

by Bénédicte et Danny

Création d'un rucher pédagogique ouvert à tous sur les hauteurs de Lausanne

126 %
CHF 16’470
106 backers
Cadesio, Swiss Chocolate

Food, Startup, and Community


We dream of improving the society around us through chocolate and self-awareness. Nine chocolates, nine powerful messages and nine Swiss ONGs. Support our project and be part of the change.

23 %
CHF 13’868
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