Startup, Community, and Environment
At the start of 2020 we want to open the first Leihlager in Basel – a library of things, where you can borrow great objects at low prices: Tools, kitchen utensils, camping equipment and much more!
by Leihlager, Meret, and Noël, Basel
125% funded
CHF 18’895 pledged
164 backers

Not Your Bee

Film, Politics, and Environment
Support us to realise this movie! We know mankind's fate is linked to the bees. Redefining our relationship to these little creatures is what this film is about.
by Dimi, Ghent, Basel, and Hamburg
115% funded
EUR 40’459 pledged
280 backers

My Nonna’s heritage

Food and Publishing
A book about the south of Italy. A book about its food and culture. Read about my Nonna’s heritage and be prepared to fall in love with Bella Apulia and its many delicious delicacies.
by Mélanie Hangartner, Saint Gallen and Alberobello
150% funded
CHF 15’060 pledged
155 backers


Fashion and Design
Das T-Shirt-Label der Bündner Philippe Zemp und Daniel Luck. In unserem Wohnzimmer designed und von Hand bedruckt. Warum? Weil wir Lust dazu haben...
by allermindeschtens, Bern
153% funded
CHF 7’660 pledged
70 backers

«Heimat im Kochtopf»

Food, Publishing, and Community
Wie schmeckt Heimat? Flüchtlinge aus der ganzen Welt, die heute in der Schweiz leben, erzählen ihre Geschichte und verraten ihre Lieblingsrezepte in einem ganz besonderen Kochbuch.
by Rotpunktverlag and Solinetz, Zurich
236% funded
CHF 31’987 pledged
315 backers

Menuisier Surfboards

Design and Community
Project continuation of an ongoing collaboration with Senegalese carpenters. Construction plans for affordable wooden surfboards for local surfers as well as for those who want to become alike.
by Menuisier Surfboards, Dakar, Berlin, and Zurich
107% funded
CHF 6’443 pledged
43 backers

«imfluss Das Kulturfloss 2013»

Music and Festival
Das Festival am kleinBasler Rheinufer geht 2013 in Sachen Finanzierung und Marketing neue Wege. Beteilige dich, erhalte dein exklusives Dankeschön und mache Werbung für uns.
by imfluss Das Kulturfloss, Basel
131% funded
CHF 13’170 pledged
107 backers

A mushroom based alternative

Startup, Technology, and Environment
We are replacing plastic with a mushroom-based biodegradable and sustainable alternative.
by Mosas, Ronja Teschner, Carlo Kohal, and Mycrobez, Basel
25% funded
CHF 5’044 pledged
49 backers