WAYA reinvent the toothpaste

Startup, Community, and Environment
The best toothpaste for your health and for the planet. My goal is to offer you a natural toothpaste, without plastic packaging, that is as good and as effective as a traditional toothpaste.
by waya, Sion
188% funded
CHF 13’203 pledged
272 backers

Die Schweiz der Zukunft

Community, Environment, and Education
Wir nehmen dich mit auf eine Reise in die Zukunft. Im Zieljahr 2050 ist die Schweiz klimaneutral. Wie sich das anfühlen wird und welche Chancen das für dich bereithält – jetzt auf schweiz-2050.ch
by Verein Klimaschutz Schweiz - Association Suisse pour la Protection du Climat, Zürich, Bern, and Lausanne
202% funded
CHF 50’625 pledged
327 backers

Qaptis – CO2 free trucks

Startup, Technology, and Environment
Help develop a simple way for transportation companies to reduce their impact on the environment with on-board CO2 capture and storage.
by Yves Loerincik, Theodore Caby, and Masoud, Sion
112% funded
CHF 28’220 pledged
125 backers

Help us save coral reefs

Science and Environment
Our coral reefs are dying at an incomparable pace. And with them 25% of all animal species in the sea. We are rebuilding coral reefs with an exciting, scalable 3D-printed reef system.
by Ulrike Pfreundt and Marie Griesmar, Zürich
116% funded
CHF 70’185 pledged
453 backers

Impact Fund 2020 / Climate

Do more for our climate! With the Impact Fund and your support, we’ll help climate projects at wemakeit come to life. Join us now, the time to save our climate is running out!
by Verein Impact2020 and Team wemakeit, Zürich
108% funded
CHF 271’799 pledged
2037 backers

Gypset, eco-friendly flowers

Startup and Environment
Gypset is a swiss based eco-friendly online florist that provides a new way to buy, offer and receive flowers in Switzerland.

by GYPSET par Anne-Marie Nicolier, Neuchâtel
116% funded
CHF 18’690 pledged
172 backers

Festival the green wave 2019

Festival, Kids / Youth, and Environment
The first eco-festival the green wave in Fribourg needs you to initiate a wave of change! A weekend to raise an ecological awareness among all the generations!
by the green drop, Fribourg
106% funded
CHF 21’200 pledged
346 backers

Pont de Jakisur

Architecture, Community, and Education
Dans l’Est du Népal, les villages sherpas de Saisima et Dobatak sont isolés durant une partie de l’année en raison d’une rivière dépourvue de pont et qui ne peut être traversée qu’à gué.
by Moos Florent, Yaphu
116% funded
CHF 5’800 pledged
45 backers

Unterstützen Sie ein Weingut

Agriculture and Environment
Mit Ihrer Unterstützung helfen Sie einem jungen Önologen, die durch den Frost abgestorbenen Rebstöcke zu ersetzen und ein neues Fahrzeug zu kaufen.
by Romain Cipolla, Raron
129% funded
CHF 25’920 pledged
134 backers

Sixtus-Lausanne:Hair Dry Bar

Fashion and Community
1er Hair Dry Bar de Lausanne: Ce concept simple de «coiffures à la carte», offre aux femmes la possibilité de se faire coiffer en un temps moyen de 30 minutes.
Coiffures only !
by Sixtus - Lausanne, Lausanne
35% funded
CHF 17’675 pledged
148 backers