Playing in Memphis

Freddie & the Cannonballs need your help to make our lifelong dream come true: to fly to the United States of America and represent Switzerland at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN!
by Federico Albertoni and NigelC, Lugano, Bellinzona, and Memphis
125% funded
CHF 10’001 pledged
83 backers

Ramen autentici in Ticino

Food and Education
Aiutatemi a realizzare il sogno di una vita...Andare in Giappone per il mio compleanno a perfezionare dai veri maestri del Ramen la tecnica perfetta, da riportare e condividere in Ticino al rientro
by David & Monia, Lugano
121% funded
CHF 2’435 pledged
53 backers

Berner Surf Socken

Fashion, Design, and Fair Trade
Thomas Jakobson spannt mit Yard Surfboards zusammen! So sind die ersten Surf Socken der Schweiz entstanden. Weisse Socken mit flauschiger Sohle für Surfer*innen für vor, während und nach der Session!
by Thomas Jakobson, Bern
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CHF 2’375 pledged
49 backers

Dancing in the Dust

Photography, Publishing, and Sport
In seinem zweiten Fotobuch begibt sich der Fotograf Lukas Maeder auf die Rennstrecke und setzt mit viel Leidenschaft Oldtimer Motocross in Szene.
by LukasMaeder, Zürich
105% funded
CHF 12’654 pledged
72 backers


Film, Music, and Performing Arts
In LAMPEDAME, authentic meets bizarre, the spirit of time meets the village square. Help to realize a piece of surreal outdoor theatre. Bring us to light!
by Stradini Theater, Ins
101% funded
CHF 23’905 pledged
156 backers


Technology and Tourism
AroundLugano unconventional city guide. Un supporto per local e turisti, per vivere a pieno la città. Bentornata Lugano Bella.
by AroundLugano, Lugano
110% funded
CHF 3’320 pledged
81 backers

Britos-Granja La Orientala

Sustain an Organic farm in Uruguay. A project to do more and better. To demonstrate that – thanks to your support – an alternative production system is feasible, appreciated and livable.
by Britos, Montevideo and Lugano
120% funded
CHF 19’200 pledged
131 backers

The Black Heidis – CD

Nous sommes un groupe tout au féminin du sud de la Suisse. Venez nous soutenir pour cette aventure: la réalisation de notre super CD!
by The Black Heidis, Orselina
103% funded
CHF 5’678 pledged
41 backers

Radio Gwendalyn

Journalism, Community, and Technology
Help Radio Gwendalyn to become everybody’s radio: a year of radio programs committed to local culture, alternative music, minorities and ethnic groups.
by Radio Gwendalyn, Chiasso
113% funded
CHF 33’950 pledged
278 backers

Book «1037 Gruesli»

Publishing, Design, and Art
The extensive and somewhat eccentric family of Gruesli will be featured in a new book, with lots of curious insights and stories.
by NataliaG, Zürich
105% funded
CHF 10’528 pledged
95 backers

Who's Panda Album Production

Unser Album ist im Kasten. Leider stehen noch etliche Punkte wie, Mixing, Mastering usw an. Damit wir unsere Album Ende 2014 rausbringen können brauchen wir jede Hilfe.
by Who's Panda, Baden
109% funded
CHF 3’290 pledged
18 backers

Frank Powers EP

Ich, der Strassenmusikant Frank Powers (Dino Brandao), möchte die Lieder aus meinem bewegten Leben veröffentlichen. Nun ist es so weit, es soll eine EP entstehen. Dazu brauche ich eure Hilfe!
by Dino Brandao, Zurich
105% funded
CHF 2’325 pledged
36 backers

Port Land

Architecture, Community, and Sport
We take matters in our own hands. A group of skateboarders build their own dream skatepark in Basel. Help us raise the money for material and tools.
by Betonfreunde beider Basel, Basel
259% funded
CHF 10’370 pledged
112 backers

Foce, visual memory project.

Photography, Publishing, and Art
A photographic book on the metamorphosis of a historic landmark, the Mouth of the River Cassarate.
by Igor, Lugano
23% funded
CHF 2’621 pledged
27 backers

Mixed Media – Art Works

Publishing and Art
Limited edition art book – 300 copy – painting-draw-illustration-foto & collage of a swiss mixed media artist from Ticino.
by Han Sessions, Lugano
7% funded
CHF 365 pledged
8 backers