Vincent O. Carter

Exhibition, Community, and Art
Eine Ausstellung zum zeichnerischen Werk des Autors von «The Bern Book», begleitet von der ersten Publikation zu seinen Zeichnungen!
by Iris & Nurja, Bern
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Young African Storytelling

Publishing and Journalism
Nice is back with a new issue! We feature the emerging voices of a creative young generation from across Africa. The new edition brings a bundle of stories from the South African township: Katlehong.
by Klaym, Rahel, and Flurina & Franziska, Katlehong and Zürich
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The Nice Magazine

Photography, Publishing, and Design
Insights into contemporary urban Africa through visual and written contributions by up-and-coming young African talents
by Klaym, Rahel, and Flurina & Franziska, Abidjan and Zürich
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None Of Them & Zweihund

Film and Music
«None Of Them» make music for the 22nd century. Filmmakers zweihund will shoot a video clip in India for the song «Silence», which will appear simultaneously with the debut album.
by Nice Try Records, Mumbai and Zurich
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seelenluft - new album!

A new and unheard Seelenluft album, with lots of professional guest musicians shall be created. In order to pay them fair, your help is wanted. Support the artists!
by Beat Solèr, Berlin and Zurich
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Old Masters Revisited

Photography, Publishing, and Art
Art publication combining the photographs of Katharina Lütscher and paintings of Julia Sheppard with the essays of guest writers, on the theme of 17th century Dutch painting.
by Katharina Lütscher and Julia Sheppard, Zurich
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Black Island

Publishing, Comics, and Art
Während seinem Aufenthalt auf Hawaii 2012 hat Thomas Ott 30 Bilder von imaginären Tiki-Figuren in Schabkarton gekratzt. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Grafikbüro Hammer will er nun ein Buch realisieren.
by Thomas Ott & Hammer, Zurich
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Town Tests Future

Science and Community
We are testing the concept of Unconditional Basic Income with 770 residents of the Swiss village of Rheinau. To make it happen we start the largest ever crowd funding campaign in Switzerland. Join in.
by Dorf testet Zukunft, Rheinau
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