Film, Music, and Art


St. Cassia is considered the first composer known by name in the Occident (810 - 865 AD, Byzantium). Until now, there has been no TV docu about this extremely remarkable woman. We want to change that.

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Architecture, Community, and Tourism

Drosendorf an der Thaya

Ein schmuckes Haus im mittelalterlichen Städtchen Drosendorf nahe Wien möchte nach mehr als 100 Jahren unbedingt renoviert werden – und freut sich bereits auf neue Bewohner und liebe Gäste.

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Publishing, Politics, and Comics


I, Rudolf

by Kurt FRANK

The life of Crown Prince Rudolf, son of Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz Joseph I, was dazzling and dramatic - and ended in tragedy. We are turning it into a historical graphic novel.

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Science and Publishing


In the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, criminals from about 1890 to 1918 were photographically immortalized. We make a book with fascinating original photos and scientific contributions.

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Science, Film, and Festival


Your own TV sitcom

by Kurt FRANK

The turbulent adventures of the ancient Roman bar owner Barrelius, his Germanic family, as well as some of the house slaves, regulars and legionnaires – INCLUDING YOU.

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Agriculture and Architecture

Sitzendorf an der Schmida

The old vine cellars in the Weinviertel region near Vienna are a piece of rural everyday culture. We want to renovate our 200-year-old wine cellar and preserve it for the next decades.

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Science and Community


The «ARGE Archeology» offers interested laymen the participation in exciting university excavations in Europa -and with your help soon by 4WD.

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