Will öpper becomes WOP

Startup, Community, and Environment
With our App named WOP you’ll be able to give away loved but unused objects locally. Let’s move our current plattform away from facebook to a self-organized App now.
by Carla O. and Verein_WOP, Zürich
380% funded
CHF 22’494 pledged
329 backers

Building climate

Publishing, architecture, and Environment
About one third of Switzerland's CO2 emissions is caused by buildings. In a small, green book with over 60 tips, we want to show how we can design and construct buildings in a climate-friendly way.
by Hochparterre, Zürich
114% funded
CHF 114’449 pledged
634 backers

Geliebtes Zürich 2

Journalism and Environment
With «Geliebtes Zürich 2» you discover Zurich again. The city guide with 20 stories and illustrations needs your support so it can be printed sustainably in Switzerland in a small edition.
by Carla O., Zürich
103% funded
CHF 10’100 pledged
155 backers

60 ans d'amitiés artistiques

Exhibition and Art
Cet ouvrage illustre 60 ans d’amitiés et de complicités artistiques à Fribourg. L’historien de l'art Philippe Clerc le fera paraître en février. Devenez un membre fondateur de la collection.
by Editions Faim de siècle, Charly Veuthey, and Philippe Clerc, Fribourg
124% funded
CHF 8’693 pledged
79 backers

Festival the green wave 2019

Festival, Kids / Youth, and Environment
The first eco-festival the green wave in Fribourg needs you to initiate a wave of change! A weekend to raise an ecological awareness among all the generations!
by the green drop, Fribourg
106% funded
CHF 21’200 pledged
346 backers

Le Point Commun

Food, Fair Trade, and Community
Dès janvier 2019, une nouvelle équipe va reprendre la gestion d'un bar à café dans le théâtre «Equilibre» avec comme objectif d’amener de la vie en journée, de mélanger les gens et les genres.
by Sylvain, Fribourg
112% funded
CHF 33’712 pledged
355 backers

Create your own textiles

Fashion, Design, and Community
Lust deine eigenen Textilien zu drucken? Nicht digital sondern alles noch von Hand? Mehrere Tausend Siebdruckschablonen stehen bereit für Dich. Stoff & Designs auswählen, Farbenmischen und los gehts.
by TDS Textildruckerei Arbon, Arbon
117% funded
CHF 35’360 pledged
122 backers

Grey Skies Black Birds

Photography and Publishing
Grey Skies Black Birds offers a photographic journey in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 20 years after the conflict ended. How does the country look like today? A project focusing on traces and memory.
by BM PHOTOS, Fribourg
197% funded
CHF 11’854 pledged
120 backers

FragmentsofMetropolis Berlin

Publishing and Architecture
Fragments of Metropolis celebrates Expressionist architecture, the style of the Golden Twenties, in Berlin – brought together and comprehensively documented for the first time.
by Christoph Rauhut / Niels Lehmann, Zurich and Berlin
178% funded
EUR 8’942 pledged
217 backers