Le Romandie x La Brèche

Music, Performing arts, and Art


Le Romandie x La Brèche

by Le Romandie and Association du Salopard

Le Romandie et l’Association du Salopard en saisons hors les murs c’est plus pour longtemps… enfin, si tu nous donnes un dernier petit coup de main!

105 %
CHF 42’127
357 backers
Begegnungshaus La Red



Begegnungshaus La Red

by Association la Red

Ein Haus, um den Neuangekommenen den Start in Freiburg zu erleichtern. Einen Ort, um die Begegnung zwischen Personen zu fördern und einen Austausch auf Augenhöhe zu ermöglichen.

129 %
CHF 9’068
115 backers
Syrian Metal needs your help

Film and Music


Syrian Metal needs your help

by Marie Alice Riley

Monzer is behind the documentary «Syrian Metal is War», and he’s currently residing in the Netherlands. Let’s help him to finish his movie and buy instruments for him and his band!

106 %
CHF 7’437
188 backers
Veganopolis Café

Food and Startup


Veganopolis Café

by Veganopolis Café

The very first vegan take-away in Lausanne!

142 %
CHF 21’370
252 backers
Olten’s new album



The first album of the trio based in the Watch Valley. Fourty minutes of post-porn-sluge tuned at the lowest by the Devil himself.

104 %
CHF 5’230
106 backers
Zatokrev New Album



Zatokrevs new album «Silk Spiders Underwater» still need mixing, mastering and an artwork. In return, 8 Songs and 60 minutes of dark, apocalyptic and experimental metal are waiting for you.

103 %
CHF 4’145
50 backers
Abraham / Coilguns – Split


La Chaux-de-Fonds and Lausanne

Abraham / Coilguns – Split


LP and CD pressing of a split record with Swiss math-punks COILGUNS and dark heavy sludge bearded buddies ABRAHAM. About 15-20 minutes of music per band.

114 %
CHF 5’745
93 backers
Larytta’s new music video

Film and Music

Lausanne and New York

LARYTTA, a dynamic pop-duo from Lausanne, is coming back with a new album, to be released this fall. Our purpose? Making a music video for the single «OSAMA OBAMA».

112 %
CHF 9’010
67 backers
La Brêle Sauvage



La Brêle Sauvage

by Greg Clément

Der Roadtrip eines Musikers am Lenker seines Mopeds. Er hält an, um, begleitet mit seiner Gitarre, seine «unnötigen Lieder» zu singen, für ein Essen oder ein Bett für die Nacht.

106 %
CHF 12’279
136 backers
Blatte Association

Community and Art


Blatte Association

by Blatte Association

After the late Blatte Bar, recreation of a place for creation, playtime and freedom in the heart of Lausanne.

185 %
CHF 9’290
91 backers
Algebra – Album 2014



«N’est stupide que la stupidité». C’est pourquoi, afin de vous pondre un prochain album encore mieux, nous aimerions pouvoir prendre 3 à 4 jours de mix/master en plus, et cela grâce à vous.

102 %
CHF 2’050
28 backers
Freaks Show 5e Tournée

Performing Arts

St-Imier, La Chaux-de-Fonds, and Neuchâtel

Freaks Show 5e Tournée

by Freaks Show «Rock n’ Roll Circus»

Mi-cirque, mi-festival le Freaks Show s’installe telle une caravane de l’étrange dans les centres villes. Au programme : musique live, spectacles de rue, performances et animations de foire d’antan.

22 %
CHF 2’204
46 backers

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