Olivier Grometto

Investigating use of data

Journalism, Publishing, and Politics


Investigating use of data

by Serge Michel, Heidi.news, and Fondation pour l'innovation et la diversité dans l'information

An investigation into how our data is used by corporations such as SBB, La Poste, Coop, Migros, health insurers and others. It is in the public interest to understand what they do with it.

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Geographic Geneva

Art, Design, and Architecture


Geographic Geneva

by Jarrod Suda

I hope to share my 2-year passion project with you: my handmade ink & watercolor map of Geneva in the form of a poster, agenda, pocketbook, & postcard! And support IHEID's covid fund in the process!

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"Ja, ich will" Fahne



«Ja, ich will» Fahne

by Ehe für alle

Am 26. September stimmt die Schweiz über die Ehe für alle ab. Unterstütze uns bei der Produktion und dem Versand unserer «Ja, ich will»-Fahnen und einem sichtbaren Kampf für die Gleichstellung.

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Design, Fair Trade, and Fashion



by Kevin, Nathalie, and Maria

Un paquet de mouchoirs en coton biologique. Une alternative écologique, hygiénique et durable pour réduire nos déchets quotidiens.

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ALATA Swiss Apéritif

Food and Startup


ALATA Swiss Apéritif

by Hugo Pozzo di Borgo

ALATA produces natural aperitifs in Valais. Two years ago, the adventure began with a range of Vermouths and continues today with three new homemade aperitifs.

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Choba Choba – Nativo Project

Food, Environment, and Fair Trade

Bern and Juanjuí

Cacao diversity is at risk today with an industry producing standardized chocolates. Help us to save rare cacao varieties and together we will create the most amazing Swiss chocolates out of them!

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CHF 140’073
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SOS Bistrot de Montelly

Community and Food


SOS Bistrot de Montelly

by Bistrot de Montelly

Le Bistrot de Montelly, plus de 110 ans, a besoin de vous pour continuer à vous offrir de la nourriture locale, artisanale et de qualité... Venez faire partie des Amis du Montelly!

40 %
CHF 48’413
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The African Museum of Lyons

Art and Exhibition


The African Museum of Lyons

by Musée Africain

A collection is in danger! The museum will close its doors if it doesn’t get your help We need your help in order to preserve and maintain this heritage.

20 %
EUR 4’184
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