performance 3 catastrophes

Design, Performing arts, and Festival
3 Catastrophes I Happily Survived: an interactive design performance based on 3 disasters I lived to tell the irony & machinery. An award winning show I'm hoping to present in Prague Quadrennial 2019.
by OKUBO STUDIO / Rodo Guadarrama, Prague and Zürich
100% funded
CHF 6’910 pledged
27 backers


Fashion, Startup, and Environment
The idea of UND+CO. is to build clothing and accessories that are good for the people and the planet whilst building consumer awareness. Be part of it!
by UND+CO., Bern and Zürich
150% funded
CHF 13’555 pledged
157 backers

Ala Kachuu – The Film

Film, Politics, and Community
A narrative film about a Kyrgyz girl experiencing bride kidnapping and its consequences. A fictional story based on true events investigated by the author and director Maria Brendle.
by Filmgerberei, Zürich
109% funded
CHF 60’488 pledged
441 backers

Fair-Food JA!

Agriculture, Politics, and Fair Trade
Beziehe Stellung für einen fairen Handel und gegen Gewinnmaximierung zu Lasten der Menschen, der Tiere und der Umwelt. Am 23.09.2018: Initiative Fair- Food JA!
by Rolf Frischknecht, Laupen
106% funded
CHF 23’425 pledged
60 backers

Kurzspielfilm: Zwinglis Erbe

Film and Community
Mit »Zwinglis Erbe« wagt sich Eutychus Production, drei Jungs mit einem Youtube-Channel, an ihren ersten Kurzspielfim - veranlasst durch die 500 Jahr-Feier der Zürcher Reformation.
by Eutychus Production, Zürich, Wildhaus, and Einsiedeln
134% funded
CHF 18’768 pledged
62 backers

The Nice Magazine

Photography, Publishing, and Design
Insights into contemporary urban Africa through visual and written contributions by up-and-coming young African talents
by Klaym, Rahel, and Flurina & Franziska, Abidjan and Zürich
107% funded
CHF 26’786 pledged
255 backers

»Und sie fliegt doch!«

Publishing and Literature
Die Hummel kann ja angeblich nicht fliegen, und sie fliegt doch. Um Luft unter unsere Flügel zu bekommen, brauchen wir eure Unterstützung. Helft einem kleinen, feinen Literaturverlag fliegen!
by Dörlemann, Zürich
142% funded
CHF 85’277 pledged
225 backers

ZiBBZ «it takes a village»

Brandnew ZiBBZ Album!! Become a villager & contribute to the release of our second CD «IT TAKES A VILLAGE» !!
by ZiBBZ, Zürich
199% funded
CHF 35’870 pledged
176 backers

Basic Income for you

What would you do if your income was guaranteed?We are fundraising for Switzerland’s first Basic Income in order to experience and learn more about unconditionality.
by Grundeinkommen für Dich, Zürich
108% funded
CHF 32’528 pledged
510 backers

blindekuh Erneuerung Empfang

Food and Community
Die blindekuh Zürich bietet seit bald 20 Jahren wichtige Arbeitsplätze für blinde Menschen. Da und dort ist nun etwas Farbe abgeblättert und wir wünschen uns zum Jubiläum einen neuen Empfangsbereich.
by blindekuh, Zürich
28% funded
CHF 17’173 pledged
144 backers

Town Tests Future

Science and Community
We are testing the concept of Unconditional Basic Income with 770 residents of the Swiss village of Rheinau. To make it happen we start the largest ever crowd funding campaign in Switzerland. Join in.
by Dorf testet Zukunft, Rheinau
2% funded
CHF 151’667 pledged
1231 backers

Saganà to your kitchen table

Food and Startup
Curious how real natural goodness tastes? Our dream to bring our first 1000 kilos of coconut sweetener to Switzerland is almost here. Join our sweet journey and make it happen.
by Saganà Coconut Sweetener, Geneva, Zurich, and Bern
27% funded
CHF 4’055 pledged
68 backers