Film, Performing arts, and Dance


Support the birth of a Dance Company that specializes in contemporary Dance video creations with a unique & flowy dance repertoire called Quantum Movement. From/With Dancers in and around Vienna.

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EUR 5’000
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Music and Literature


On the album «In the name of love» music and poetry tell stories of love, fears and hopes of an adolescent. Trio Klavis plays music by their saxophonist Miha Ferk, Peter Turrini reads Peter Turrini.

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EUR 8’200
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Music, art, and Literature

Vienna, Zürich, and Berlin

The 6th studio album of The Erlkings, featuring songs by Joseph Haydn. Enjoy stories of love, loss, and the idyllic country life in the completely made-up village of Haydnfeld on the river Sepp.

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EUR 12’401
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Music and Performing Arts



by Clio Em

Artpop meets vintage synths, rock, minimalism, and folktronica. Drift among the stars and listen to their melodies.

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EUR 1’130
30 backers

Music, art, and Literature

Vienna, Zürich, and Weissensee

«Weissensee» by Bryan Benner

by Bryan Davis Benner

Recorded in the woods above a lake and town of the same name, «Weissensee» is the second self-recorded solo album of American turned Austrian singer songwriter Bryan Benner.

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EUR 6’228
71 backers

Music, art, and Literature

Vienna, Würzburg, and Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Neapolitan Songs Vol.2

by Bryan Davis Benner and Václav Fuksa

International Troubadours Bryan Benner (USA) and Václav Fuksa (CZ) are back with their second album of virtuosic Neapolitan songs for two guitars and voice, dedicated to the great Cigliano/Gangi duo!

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EUR 8’789
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Vienna, Cologne, and Passau

as you like it. – opias musikalisches Wechselspiel, das es bald auf CD geben soll! Musik aus Renaissance, Frühbarock und eigener Feder: Humorvoll, intim, lebendig & mit einem kleinen Augenzwinkern.

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EUR 16’545
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Publishing, Music, and Kids / Youth

Vienna, Linz, and Waidhofen an der Ybbs

Die gestiefelte Katze

by Studio KECK

Ein altes Märchen in neuem Gewand. Geschrieben von Sarah Jeanne Babits, mit Musik von Johannes Berauer. Ein Musiktheaterstück mit CrossNova wird durch euch CD & Buch mit Illustrationen von Frau Isa.

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EUR 15’612
96 backers

Music, Performing arts, and Art


Unterstütze uns dabei, unser intermediäres Theaterstück zu realisieren. KARDIA - von der Sprengkraft des Trennenden und der Kraft des Vereinens. Geschrieben für zwei Personen und eine Kunstfigur.

101 %
EUR 7’132
47 backers

Music and Art

Vienna, Zürich, and London

Neapolitan Song Project

by Bryan Davis Benner and Václav Fuksa

International troubadours Bryan Benner (USA) and Václav Fuksa (Czech Rep.) present a new album of timeless Neapolitan songs based on the elegant classical guitar arrangements of Cigliano and Gangi.

125 %
EUR 6’266
47 backers

Music, art, and Literature

Vienna, London, and Naples

Join The Erlkings as they create their next studio recorded double-album, featuring Neapolitan mandolin virtuoso Marcello Smigliante Gentile and songs by Beethoven and Schubert!

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EUR 15’933
138 backers

Politics and Music


Dance With The Ghosts is a project by David Six. The aim is to release a double album of new music performed by two different ensembles, composed with reference to politically relevant topics.

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EUR 15’195
130 backers

Food and Publishing


Süsses für Alle

by IngoBingo

Es ist so weit: Wir verraten die 34 beliebtesten Geheimrezepte aus dem AllergikerCafé. Das Kochbuch zeigt, wie man köstlichste Torten zaubert und trotz Allergien auf nichts verzichten muss!

111 %
EUR 5’588
91 backers


Vienna and London

The Erlkings will never be done with Schubert but now we’ve set our sights on Robert Schumann and we’re going to take him for all he's worth, starting with «Dichterliebe» and «Liederkreis» (Op. 39).

109 %
EUR 16’351
185 backers



jusqu’à l’aurore

by Thomas Wally

A composer's dream comes true. In summer 2019, the Swiss Mondrian Ensemble will record chamber music written by Austrian composer Thomas Wally.

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EUR 10’658
70 backers

Music, Community, and Art


Gekommen, um zu bleiben

by SHIZZLE - Kunst und Kulturverein

Kulturcafé Max | seit 1914 Institution gewordener Raum in Wien, Hernals. Hilf uns den Begegnungsort zu sichern! Konzerte, Performances, Ausstellungen, Schach, Workshops, Spielplatz... lets shizzle!

101 %
EUR 16’191
161 backers


Vienna, London, and New York

Bryan Benner: The Modern Man

by Bryan Davis Benner

Frontman and founder of The Erlkings, Die Wandervögel and The Pool Boys, Bryan Benner presents his first solo album of original songs.

128 %
EUR 6’425
112 backers

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