Impact Fund 2022: Vol. 3

The climate needs our continued commitment! With your help, the Impact Fund supports crowdfunding projects for a greener future for the third time. Time is running out, so get involved!
by Verein Impact2020 and Team wemakeit, Zürich
121% funded
CHF 302’560 pledged
3207 backers

hiLyte: Ecological Battery

Science, Startup, and Environment
At hiLyte, we developed an ecological battery that is safe, low-cost, practical and on demand! Help us bring our prototype to emerging countries where kerosene is still used for lighting.
by hiLyte, Lausanne
147% funded
CHF 51’614 pledged
337 backers

EAU Kenya pour les Maasaï

Community, Kids / Youth, and Environment
Apporter des solutions d’accès à l’eau potable pour 5 villages Maasaï au Kenya avec l’organisation Emayian Integrated Development basée au Kenya et l’Alliance des Gardiens de Mère Nature.
by Association Quantawatergen, Nairobi
101% funded
CHF 6’625 pledged
59 backers

Café Primeur

Food and Community
Le Café Primeur ne ressemble pas à un café traditionnel. Plutôt à un parc en plein été, une place du marché gorgée de soleil où l'on déguste des saveurs authentiques.
by Café Primeur, Yverdon-les-Bains
114% funded
CHF 34’295 pledged
354 backers

Premiers secours au Sénégal

Startup, Community, and Education
ARC – African Resuscitation Council : Souhaite développer la formation aux gestes de premiers secours pour tous, ainsi que de créer des écoles d’ambulanciers et des services d’ambulances au Sénégal.
by Michaël Tchomnoué, Dakar
102% funded
CHF 59’300 pledged
193 backers

Bakery for the neighborhood

Food, Community, and Kids / Youth
Creation of a community bakery in this marginal neighborhood aiming to integrate young people into the working world, to make them responsible and to keep them away from vice and violence.
by Simon Porras, Bogotá
105% funded
CHF 10’577 pledged
80 backers

Tiloo Werkstatt - Praktikum

Community, Environment, and Education
Hilf uns, im sonnenreichen, aber wirtschaftlich schwachen Gambia zwei interessierten Jungschreinern einen Praktikumsplatz zu ermöglichen.
by Tiloo Gambia, Banjul
146% funded
CHF 2’190 pledged
25 backers

Werkstatt für Solarkocher

Community and Environment
Hilf uns, im sonnigen Gambia eine kleine Schreiner-Werkstatt zu bauen, in der wir Solargeräte zum Kochen und Trocknen herstellen und Jungschreiner ausbilden können.
by Tiloo Gambia, Jambur
104% funded
CHF 10’386 pledged
78 backers

Heidi vs Zombies

Film and Comics
Heidi vs Zombies is a feature film screenplay we wish to adapt into a graphic novel. A «Zombimedie» based on the adventures of the Swiss national hero, Heidi.
by Ruiz Cardinaux Entertainment, Geneva
107% funded
CHF 8’634 pledged
70 backers

Bamboo VS Plastic Tupperware

Food and Design
100% bamboo & natural rubber! Get ready for the Bento box trend and get the handmade bamboo tableware for on the road. Or what about some new storage containers for your fridge?
by Swiss Advance, Bern, Basel, and Berlin
137% funded
CHF 10’305 pledged
132 backers

Marey – 1rst album

pop-folk music mixed up with blues and rock influenes – that is MAREY. And we think it is definetely about time to produce the 1rst album!
by Marey, Bern
128% funded
CHF 9’648 pledged
71 backers


Film, Design, and Sport
Short fiction movie where the main character is an infernal machine which is ignited by a pair of cyclists in a post-apocalyptic scenery where only biomechanical energy remains.
by eyeshot, Neuchâtel
142% funded
CHF 6’420 pledged
83 backers

Brasserie du Manoir

Food and Startup
Avis aux amateurs de bières! La Brasserie du Manoir, qui est un projet de brasserie artisanale dans la région de Neuchâtel, a besoin de toi pour pouvoir démarrer!
by Pascal Bader (Fiston), Cressier, Neuchâtel
255% funded
CHF 6’385 pledged
68 backers

Nouvel album des Rambling Wheels!

Les Rambling Wheels sortent bientôt leur nouvel album et ont besoin de toi! Profite d’offres alléchantes en échange de ton soutien!
by The Rambling Wheels, Neuchatel
178% funded
CHF 14’290 pledged
159 backers


THRICE is a crime / noir short film project by Swiss filmmakers New Game Films. It will be directed by Luca Brunoni and David Baumann, and produced by Arnaud Baur.
by New Game Films, Neuchatel
112% funded
CHF 6’771 pledged
84 backers

Album «On va pas vers le beau»

Enregistrement et production du nouveau disque des Petits Chanteurs à la Gueule de Bois, tiré du spectacle «On va pas vers le beau».
by Les Petits Chanteurs à la Gueule de Bois, La Chaux-de-Fonds
167% funded
CHF 13’360 pledged
148 backers


Booost plays famous pop and rock covers in a fat reggae style. Booost is now recording the first CD at studio and need your support!
by Musikultur.ch, Neuchatel, Berne, and Zurich
104% funded
CHF 4’190 pledged
38 backers

Rhinozeros CD Produktion

Rhinozeros ist ein Duo mit Gesang und Gitarre. Im Sommer haben sie ihr erstes Album aufgenommen und möchten dieses im Frühjahr 2013 veröffentlichen.
by Lisa Hasler and Florian Möbes, Berne
114% funded
CHF 4’597 pledged
34 backers


After eight years of recording abstinence DAY & TAXI will record a new CD. We aim to make this disc an exceptional production which will meet with your highest expectations. For you, with you. Join in!
by Christoph Gallio, Baden
106% funded
CHF 6’910 pledged
49 backers

You&I – New Album

Be a part of our upcoming debut-album! In return you'll be getting great extras like CDs, screen-printed posters, tickets, living room shows and much more!
by You&I, Zurich
132% funded
CHF 5’285 pledged
62 backers

LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film&Music Festival

Film, Music, and Festival
This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top. This statement from David Lynch is what the LUFF has been proving and showcasing through sounds and images for over 10 years.
by LUFF, Lausanne
134% funded
CHF 7’272 pledged
62 backers

Scapino Gelati e Pasta

Des pâtes maison et des glaces de bonne qualité pour tous, c’est notre objectif. Après 9 ans derrière les fourneaux de superbes tables Suisses, je me lance! Mais pour cela nous avons besoin de vous.
by Liechti Loïc, La Chaux-de-Fonds
15% funded
CHF 3’195 pledged
43 backers


Community, Technology, and Environment
Solarnet, an ASF project, aims to open computer learning centers in Guinea using recycled second hand Swiss computers.
by Apprentissages sans Frontières, Conakry and Geneva
26% funded
CHF 2’125 pledged
18 backers