Yves Auberson, the movie

Film and Sport
Contribute to the making of a film that relates the incredible adventure of a man who travels more than 1,000 km across the Alps, while profoundly affected by Parkinson's disease.
by ORCA Production, Montreux, Nyon, and Davos
96% funded
CHF 40’630 pledged
2 days to go

Geographic Geneva

Design, architecture, and Art
I hope to share my 2-year passion project with you: my handmade ink & watercolor map of Geneva in the form of a poster, agenda, pocketbook, & postcard! And support IHEID's covid fund in the process!
by Jarrod Suda, Geneva
114% funded
CHF 3’425 pledged
48 backers

Expedition Glacialis

Science, Community, and Environment
A human adventure on the sailing boat Atlas in the Arctic that combines SCIENCE & EDUCATION. We will study and census marine mammals, birds, pollution and climate change.
by Virginie Wyss, Richard Mardens, and Arnaud Conne, Ilulissat and Açores
101% funded
CHF 40’571 pledged
244 backers

École Demain

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education
Unterstützt eine alternative Schule, bei der die Natur die bevorzugte Lernumgebung und eine wohlwollende Beziehung ausschlaggebend sein wird. Eine erste Klasse 1H-2H für den Schuljahresbeginn 2020.
by Ecole Demain, Marly
102% funded
CHF 25’520 pledged
210 backers

Together Now

Zusammen mit dir unterstützen wir diejenigen, die die Coronakrise am Ärgsten trifft. Wir schaffen ein Überbrückungseinkommen, das Menschen ohne Festanstellung durch die Krise hilft. Mach's möglich!
by Verein Dein Grundeinkommen, Team wemakeit, and Dezentrum, Zürich
112% funded
CHF 281’644 pledged
1501 backers

hiLyte: Ecological Battery

Science, Startup, and Environment
At hiLyte, we developed an ecological battery that is safe, low-cost, practical and on demand! Help us bring our prototype to emerging countries where kerosene is still used for lighting.
by hiLyte, Lausanne
147% funded
CHF 51’614 pledged
337 backers

Bakery for the neighborhood

Food, Community, and Kids / Youth
Creation of a community bakery in this marginal neighborhood aiming to integrate young people into the working world, to make them responsible and to keep them away from vice and violence.
by Simon Porras, Bogotá
105% funded
CHF 10’577 pledged
80 backers

Investigating murky waters

Publishing, Journalism, and Environment
Laying the facts bare can change the world. Support two unprecedented and essential investigations to shine a spotlight on the dubious practices used by Swiss companies in poor countries.
by Public Eye, Lausanne and Zürich
207% funded
CHF 31’131 pledged
325 backers


Ce ne sont plus les spectateurs qui se déplacent dans les salles de spectacle, mais les artistes professionnels qui viennent jouer dans des maisons.

Concerts publics en appartement !!!
by Chant'appart - Suisse, Geneva and Lausanne
101% funded
CHF 8’120 pledged
58 backers

Fablab Onl'Fait

Science, Technology, and Education
Onl’Fait is an open educational technological maker space, where everybody - artisans, children, artists, curious - is welcome to learn, make, share, fix, create, discuss, teach, fail and tinker.
by Onl’Fait, Cristina Olivotto, Sébastien Mischler, and Mathieu Jacquesson, Geneva
242% funded
CHF 24’256 pledged
79 backers

Soutenir un lieu de culture

Exhibition, Community, and Art
Vous avez soif de culture ? Alors vous êtes certainement au bon endroit. En effet, Artishow est le premier Bar-Café-Galerie de Suisse.
by Artishow, Lausanne
37% funded
CHF 3’008 pledged
41 backers

Spectacle de Dakota et Nadia

«Judas» sera notre tout premier spectacle sur des thèmes qui nous tiennent à cœur tel que la violence conjugale. Grâce à vous, nous allons enfin pouvoir concrétiser notre projet fin 2020.
by Dakota et Nadia, Paris and Lausanne
33% funded
EUR 16’698 pledged
207 backers