Startup, Technology, and Animals

Lausanne, Glarus, and Sion

Synature - Wolf Monitoring

by Miya, Olivier, and Adrian & Noah

We are 4 nature loving engineers that want to enable the co-existence of humans and wildlife. Our goal is to develop a smart mic that can detect the howling of wolves in real-time to help rangers.

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54 backers

Fashion and Design


Fashion designer Atelier

by Anne-Sophie Villard

I recently got an incredible space to finally have a creative workshop and a showroom space to welcome you. But it requires a lot of adjustments and new equipment.

CHF 22’730
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Startup, Community, and Environment


The best toothpaste for your health and for the planet. My goal is to offer you a natural toothpaste, without plastic packaging, that is as good and as effective as a traditional toothpaste.

CHF 13’203
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Impact Fund 2022: Vol. 3

by Verein Impact2020 and Team wemakeit

The climate needs our continued commitment! With your help, the Impact Fund supports crowdfunding projects for a greener future for the third time. Time is running out, so get involved!

CHF 302’560
121 %
3207 backers

Community and Environment


Gemeinsam ZeroWaste anpacken

by ZeroWaste Switzerland

Helft uns, die Umwelt zu schützen – mit der Schaffung eines landesweiten Netzes von Geschäften und Gastrobetrieben, die für wiederverwendbare Behälter offen sind.

CHF 51’794
207 %
380 backers

Sport and Dance


Le STUDIO DANSEra encore

by StudioDanseBulle

Suite aux intempéries, le Studio est impraticable... Nous avons besoin de votre soutien pour le remettre en état!

CHF 15’320
306 %
133 backers

Startup, Environment, and Education


Climate farming online!

by Franz Keiser I Hof Wies and Monika I #TransitionCastle

If you want to act, you have to know how! Our online courses provide future climate farmers with practical knowledge about healthy soil, CO2 storage and circular economy on the farm.

CHF 53’449
118 %
283 backers

Science, Fashion, and Environment

Wädenswil and Zürich

Local Colours II

by Carys Schutzbach & Achim Ecker (ZHAW), Caroline Fourré, and krismller

The Local Colours project is a more sustainable alternative for industrial textile dyeing – Swiss linen, regional waste, natural colours and local partners.

CHF 18’224
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Agriculture, Politics, and Environment

Bern and Neuchâtel

Pestizid-Initiative 13. Juni

by Initiative «Für eine Schweiz ohne synthetische Pestizide» (Pestizid-Initiative)

Helft mit! Damit sich Stimmbürger*Innen gut & fair informieren können (Pestizid-Initiative am 13. Juni) & nicht nur Lobbys und Wirtschaft den Ton angeben, brauchen wir eure finanzielle Unterstützung.

CHF 103’451
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Zürich and Vienna

Impact Fund 2021: Next Level

by Verein Impact2020, Partnerstiftung (Start 2021), and Team wemakeit

Together, we can do it: We are giving 20 top crowdfunding projects, all of which have exhibited a positive impact on climate – a boost. Get involved today to help shape a better world for tomorrow.

CHF 541’690
216 %
2322 backers

Fashion, Community, and Environment

Lausanne and Renens

The only store where women will find everything they need for their ovarian cycle, a place to look, touch and receive advice. Help us finance our 1st Pop-Up concept store!

CHF 21’557
215 %
276 backers

Community and Education


Alphabétisation sociale

by François Repond

Afin de promouvoir l'intégration des migrants en Suisse et le «vivre ensemble» nous souhaitons équiper nos salles de classe en y installant des projecteurs «Beamer».

CHF 3’230
107 %
28 backers

Startup, agriculture, and Environment


Tragen Sie zum Kampf gegen Einweg-Kunststoff bei, indem Sie unser Projekt der natürlichen, organischen und kompostierbaren Strohhalme unterstützen.

CHF 15’492
103 %
127 backers

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment

Fribourg and Villars-sur-Glâne

Vrac boulevard

by Vracboulevard

Nous souhaitons insuffler une nouvelle énergie verte à notre ville en ouvrant un magasin bio, local et sans emballages à Villars-sur-Glâne (Fibourg)

CHF 45’638
101 %
258 backers

Food, Startup, and Environment


La Vie En Vrac

by La Vie en Vrac

Une épicerie zéro déchets près de chez vous ?! Une autre manière de consommer ?! Une façon de promouvoir les produits locaux ?! Pour la planète et nos enfants... nous avons besoin de vous !!!

CHF 40’680
107 %
478 backers

Fair Trade, Community, and Environment

Lausanne, Sion, and Fribourg


by Sara Pereira

Help us to democratize the delivery of bulk and eco-responsible products at home, everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland !

CHF 13’170
37 %
135 backers