Dein Permakultur Garten

Agriculture, Community, and Environment
Mit PermaTerra bauen wir eine Plattform, die dir hilft deinen eigenen Permakultur Garten zu starten. Unser Ziel ist, dass Lebensmittel lokaler und nachhaltiger im eigenen Garten angebaut werden.
by Lucas Meyer and Dominik K, Pfäffikon
121% funded
CHF 18’260 pledged
126 backers

Support for Refugee Start-Up

Food, Startup, and Community
Support an Afghan refugee family on their way to financial independence. It’s Khatere’s dream to run her own culinary business. One of her goals is to operate a food trailer. She needs your help!
by Afghan Laziz, Zürich
104% funded
CHF 31’345 pledged
162 backers

Building climate

Publishing, architecture, and Environment
About one third of Switzerland's CO2 emissions is caused by buildings. In a small, green book with over 60 tips, we want to show how we can design and construct buildings in a climate-friendly way.
by Hochparterre, Zürich
114% funded
CHF 114’449 pledged
633 backers

Loopi Stroller Subscription

Startup, Kids / Youth, and Environment
We’re pioneering stroller design to be repairable, refurbishable and recyclable. Available as a subscription, our stroller hopes to be a circular economy role model. Please support our prototype!
by Loopi, Zürich
242% funded
CHF 60’551 pledged
312 backers

Impact Fund 2021: Next Level

Together, we can do it: We are giving 20 top crowdfunding projects, all of which have exhibited a positive impact on climate – a boost. Get involved today to help shape a better world for tomorrow.
by Verein Impact2020, Partnerstiftung (Start 2021), and Team wemakeit, Zürich and Vienna
216% funded
CHF 541’690 pledged
2322 backers

Let's consume differently!

Startup, Community, and Environment
Help us produce natural household products in reusable glass/metal bottles to minimise waste and our footprint and change consumption habits.
by David and Olivier, Zürich, Cologne, and Brussels
100% funded
CHF 25’070 pledged
97 backers

Salut Kidswear

Fashion, Design, and Kids / Youth
At Salut Kidswear we want to encourage and be inspired by kids’ creativity to carefully design our clothing with sustainable fabrics to preserve nature for future generations.
by Anne Lutz, Zürich and Amden
105% funded
CHF 16’833 pledged
124 backers

Saving: Die Stadt ohne Juden

Film and Community
DIE STADT OHNE JUDEN / THE CITY WITHOUT JEWS (1924) is one of the most significant films in the history of Austrian cinema and it is a socio-political monument. Help us to save it from decaying!
by Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna
114% funded
EUR 86’419 pledged
714 backers

Belle View Bungalow Dominica

Architecture and Tourism
Schon lange träumen wir davon unsere wunderschöne Aussicht und Umgebung mit Gästen zu teilen. Um das «Belle View Bungalow» in unserem Garten in Dominica fertig zu bauen, brauchen wir Unterstützung!
by Familie Burkard Roserens, Portsmouth
118% funded
CHF 41’515 pledged
110 backers

Bamboo VS Plastic Tupperware

Food and Design
100% bamboo & natural rubber! Get ready for the Bento box trend and get the handmade bamboo tableware for on the road. Or what about some new storage containers for your fridge?
by Swiss Advance, Bern, Basel, and Berlin
137% funded
CHF 10’305 pledged
132 backers

Kisten für Ouagadougou 3/CHF

Food and Fair Trade
Stabile Kisten schützen die Mangos und die Frauen können die Früchte leichter tragen. Darum brauchen die Produzenten in Burkina Faso noch mehr Kisten – tausche jetzt eine Kiste gegen feine Bio-Mangos!
by gebana AG, Ouagadougou
189% funded
CHF 14’208 pledged
232 backers

Bilderbücher für alle Kinder

Startup, Community, and Kids / Youth
Es gibt Kinder, die besitzen kein einziges eigenes Buch. Das wollen wir ändern! Wir verschenken Bilderbücher und organisieren Mitmachlesungen für Kinder und Eltern.
101% funded
CHF 8’102 pledged
80 backers

gut – das Magazin vom Essen

Food, Journalism, and Community
Wir wollen ändern, wie man vom Essen redet. Deshalb lancieren wir «gut – vom Essen». Mit 3000 Mitgliedern publizieren wir im Herbst die erste Ausgabe. Es wird gut – mit dir.
by Redaktion «gut», Zürich
34% funded
CHF 125’765 pledged
728 backers