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Food, Kids / Youth, and Startup

yamo – Fresh Bio-Babyfood

The only Swiss baby food: 100% organic, completely natural, no additives whatsoever – and as fresh as homemade. Order now and take advantage of our attractive introductory offer!
by Team yamo, Zürich
66% funded
CHF 32’101 pledged
14 days to go

Swiss Mead from A – Z

More than honey:Support the Metsiederei and the dark bee in making a 100% Swiss Mead
by Metsiederei Eckert, Wohlen
43% funded
CHF 3’692 pledged
7 days to go
Technology and Community


With your support we are going to launch a coding academy for refugees in Bern. If possible we will open the school mid January and in April our first 10 to 20 students will start their internships.
by Christian Hirsig, Bern
117% funded
CHF 23’475 pledged
163 backers
Food and Fair Trade

Crowd Container #2

Crowd Container #2 kommt aus Sizilien! Du bestellst direkt bei den ProduzentInnen und erfährst, was hinter deiner täglichen Portion Pasta, Olivenöl und Tomaten Sugo steckt...
by CROWD CONTAINER Zürich, Zürich, Camporeale, and Syracuse
130% funded
CHF 65’185 pledged
391 backers
Food, Publishing, and Environment

Beezza! Kingbee Cook Book

Male Honeybees are delicious edible insects. «Beezza – das Bienenkochbuch» was released in September 2016. This book is unique in the world. Help me translate it to english and print a first edition.
by Daniel Ambühl, Quarten
103% funded
CHF 9’323 pledged
39 backers

Restaurant Rechberg 1837

Im Herzen der Zürcher Altstadt eröffnen wir ein Restaurant, bei welchem ausschliesslich Produkte verwendet werden, welche zu Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderts auf den Zürcher Märkten zur Verfügung standen.
by Team Rechberg, Zürich
109% funded
CHF 24’515 pledged
63 backers
Fashion, Environment, and Community

Social Fabric «We Aspire»

Join us to fund a paid internship for Cisse, a refugee from Côte d’Ivoire who is passionate about tailoring. Get a high quality reward, tailored in Zürich, and be part of building an inclusive society
by Heather, Denise Schlumpf, and Helka Mäki, Zürich
115% funded
CHF 29’333 pledged
243 backers
Food, Startup, and Fair Trade

COLD BREW à la Suisse

Bring Cold Brew to Switzerland! Black cold coffee sounds awful? Wrong! It is smooth, has a caramel like taste and is even better for your stomach. Drink it, mix it and become a Cold Brew pioneer!
by Direct Coffee, Zürich, Geneva, and Basel
108% funded
CHF 8’715 pledged
105 backers
Kids / Youth and Community

The World Needs more NOWers

The NOW Journey is an intercultural and hands-on learning experience that empowers young people to become agents of social change. Help us make this experience accessible to a diverse group of NOWers.
by Rahel Aschwanden, Annina Schlatter, and Fenna Oldendoerp, Passugg and Zürich
103% funded
EUR 25’780 pledged
242 backers
Food, Startup, and Fair Trade

Crowd Container

Bestell deine Gewürze, Nüsse, Kaffee, Reis und feines Kokosöl direkt bei den BäuerInnen in Kerala! Hilf mit, den Crowd Container zu füllen und werde Teil eines neuen Modells für den fairen Handel.
by CROWD CONTAINER Zürich, Kozhikode and Zurich
161% funded
CHF 83’994 pledged
533 backers
Film, Startup, and Community


Filme für alle! Ich sammle Geld für mein Projekt «Filmfabrik», welches den Zugang zu preiswerten und professionellen Videos ermöglicht. Alle sollten sich mit digitalen Medien repräsentieren können.
by Severin-Wirth, Zürich and Bern
106% funded
CHF 5’333 pledged
22 backers
Fashion and Community

Social Fabric

A sustainable textile hub in Zurich – we support community, creativity, and innovation in the areas of textiles, fashion, and design.
by Heather, Zurich
111% funded
CHF 16’740 pledged
197 backers
Food and Startup

Food-Bike Zum guten Heinrich

With a hip Food Bike we want to provide sustainable lunch menus made from misshaped vegetables at Zürich Kalkbreite: Out of love for Food #FoodIsForEating #VoTsüriFürTsüri
by Zum guten Heinrich, Zurich
120% funded
CHF 21’021 pledged
185 backers
Kids / Youth, Startup, and Community

Bilderbücher für alle Kinder

Es gibt Kinder, die besitzen kein einziges eigenes Buch. Das wollen wir ändern! Wir verschenken Bilderbücher und organisieren Mitmachlesungen für Kinder und Eltern.
101% funded
CHF 8’102 pledged
80 backers
Games, Kids / Youth, and Startup

Pixxadoo – Catch Cheeky Max

An activity game that connects generations and keeps grandparents, parents and children mentally and physically fit. Support the 1st production of my game.
by Franziska Spring, Zurich and Bern
103% funded
CHF 15’560 pledged
121 backers
Fashion and Community

Younited Cultures

Immigrants deserve a better image and more encouragement. Join the trend to celebrate migration. You can help us create a symbol for cultural diversity: the Younited Cultures’ colors and scarf.
by Younited Cultures, Vienna
115% funded
EUR 5’755 pledged
87 backers
Technology, Food, and Environment

holis market

holis market wird der weltweit erste On- und Offline-Marktplatz für gesunde und biologische Lebensmittel. Ohne Verpackung und Verschwendung. Für deine individuell angepasste Ernährung.
by holis, Vienna, Graz, and Linz
157% funded
EUR 39’316 pledged
487 backers

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