Elikya, to give hope

Kids / Youth and Education
They do not need to be saved! A charitable project to launch a social and solidarity micro-enterprise in the DRC. 6 students, 12 orphans, one joinery and You for a future filled with hope.

by Projets Responsables and Projet Elikya, Beni
119% funded
CHF 1’193 pledged
24 backers

Easy home-grown food: APPA

Food, Technology, and Environment
Our automated garden grows your own organic vegetables for you - simple, healthy, sustainable. With no effort for you, all year round.
by Pleasant Plants, Zürich
106% funded
CHF 36’057 pledged
97 backers

A nice house for the pigs

Community, Environment, and Animals
A building adapted to the needs of animals that have escaped from slaughterhouses and are living happily in the sanctuary of the association «Coexister»

by Association Coexister and Virginia Markus, Bex
112% funded
CHF 77’491 pledged
502 backers

Children of Wat Arunothai

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education
The boarding school in Thailand hosts children who escaped from poverty and conflicts. With your help they can live in a safe place and go to school.
by Luigi Jorio, Chiang Dao
102% funded
CHF 8’590 pledged
72 backers

Bussen von Beacon-Aktion

Politics, Community, and Environment
Wir sind eine Gruppe von Aktivist*innen, die, während der Aktionen für sofortige Klimagerechtigkeit im Oktober, die Uraniastrasse mit einem Bambuskonstrukt blockierte. Nun drohen uns heftige Bussen.
by Beacon-Team, Zürich
100% funded
CHF 10’051 pledged
80 backers

Paudi – toothpaste as powder

Startup and Environment
Toothpaste in a plastic tube means unnecessary plastic and unnecessary «water transport». We have the toothpaste in powder form, mixed with water there is the beloved paste for the care of teeth.
by Raphael Schär, Herzogenbuchsee
100% funded
CHF 13’010 pledged
240 backers

Regenerative Nursery Mértola

Agriculture, Community, and Environment
Our organic nursery ensures access to climate adapted seeds and seedlings for the regeneration projects in Mértola. We envision resilience and diversity for a region highly affected by desertification
by Marta Cortegano, Terra Sintrópica, and Katharina Serafimova, Mértola
112% funded
CHF 56’213 pledged
174 backers

Natural Labor

Startup and Environment
Workshop for the production of handmade soaps. Natural products that respect the environment, take care of our skin and put us in a good mood.
by Larissa e Roberta, Riviera
100% funded
CHF 3’005 pledged
29 backers

Living Earth

Journalism, Community, and Environment
On the web platform LIVING EARTH, people and projects, ideas and solutions from all walks of life and countries find each other. Together and with joy we create our new paradise on earth.
by Dreamteam, Living Earth Angels, and Catharina, Vienna
130% funded
EUR 113’282 pledged
1190 backers

Building the Treasure Hub

Community, Environment, and Education
Join us in building a new centre for sustainability projects! Together we can improve the lives of many people and significantly contribute to protecting the natural and cultural heritage of Kenya!
by Hardy, Julia, and Bonny, Zürich, Nairobi, and Cologne
120% funded
EUR 12’026 pledged
111 backers

Impact Fund 2022: Vol. 3

The climate needs our continued commitment! With your help, the Impact Fund supports crowdfunding projects for a greener future for the third time. Time is running out, so get involved!
by Verein Impact2020 and Team wemakeit, Zürich
121% funded
CHF 302’560 pledged
3208 backers

FOODOO – Rettet das Gemüse

Food, Community, and Environment
Wir kaufen den Schweizer Bauern aussortiertes Gemüse ab, das sich im Grosshandel nicht rentabel vermarkten lässt und verarbeiten es zu leckeren und natürlichen Produkten weiter.
by Fabia, Mirko, and Juere, Bern
118% funded
CHF 100’654 pledged
484 backers

Bedarf einer Prothese

Nach Entfernung eines bösartigen Tumors, nehme ich seit 2018 nur noch püriertes Essen und Trinknahrung zu mir. Um zu mehr Gewicht und Lebensqualität zu finden, bedarf es einer Zahnprothese.
by Sofia, Luzern, Bern, and Zürich
15% funded
CHF 1’420 pledged
6 backers

Ländliche Schulen Argentinie

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education
Bildung ist Hoffnung auf eine bessere Zukunft! Wir unterstützen ein Wanderschulprojekt in den ländlichen Gebieten Argentiniens: Helfen Sie uns beim Kauf von Lehrmaterial.
by Associazione ANTARES, Puerto Rico and Cugnasco-Gerra
7% funded
CHF 260 pledged
4 backers

A House For Children

Kids / Youth and Education
We want to give a second home to children in poor situations in Arusha Tanzania. They should get warm food, education and a place for sleep.
by Ludmila, Arusha
8% funded
EUR 1’720 pledged
18 backers

Ein Haus für Roșia/Rumänien

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education
Wir wollen ein Haus in Roșia/Rumänien renovieren um beeinträchtigten Menschen, die in Rumänien einen schweren Stand haben und kaum Hilfe bekommen, eine sinnvolle Tagesstruktur anzubieten.
by Anja Tanner, Roșia
8% funded
CHF 1’790 pledged
14 backers

Imkerei Oberwald

Agriculture, Environment, and Animals
Wir sind eine kleine Imkerei am Fusse des Tannenbergs im Kanton St.Gallen. Um noch mehr Bienenvölkern ein Zuhause zu bieten brauchen wir DICH als Unterstützung und 80 neue Bienenkästen.
by Daniel Urech, Waldkirch
16% funded
CHF 3’265 pledged
16 backers