Science Film Festival '21

Science, Film, and Festival
The 4th Global Science Film Festival is taking place from 19 to 28 November 2021 in Zurich and Bern. The festival program includes film screenings, debates and awards. Be part of it!
by Silvie Cuperus, Samer Angelone, and Beno Baumberger, Zürich and Bern
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Help us save coral reefs

Science and Environment
Our coral reefs are dying at an incomparable pace. And with them 25% of all animal species in the sea. We are rebuilding coral reefs with an exciting, scalable 3D-printed reef system.
by Ulrike Pfreundt and Marie Griesmar, Zürich
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higgs – Das Wissensmagazin

Science, Journalism, and Education
higgs ist das erste und beste unabhängige Wissensmagazin der Schweiz: Wir schreiben aus Leidenschaft über dich und die Welt. Damit wir weiter mit Wissen um uns werfen können, brauchen wir dich.
by team higgs, Winterthur
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Kommt Ben Wilson nach Zürich

Kids / Youth and Art
Ben Wilson ist ein Künstler in der Ausstellung «Himmelsstürmer*innen auf Kurs» im Musée Visionnaire. Eine Schulklasse lädt ihn ein, um aus hässlichen plattgedrückten Kaugummis Kunstwerke zu machen.

by Musée Visionnaire | Art Brut & Outsider Art Zürich, Zürich
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Psilocybin and Depression

Science and Community
We want to conduct the world’s first placebo-controlled study to treat depression with psilocybin, the active ingredient of the magic mushroom. But we can’t do this without your help!
by Katrin Preller and Franz X. Vollenweider, Zürich
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Save the Bees

Science, Startup, and Environment
The varroa mite is the main reason for bee deaths, we have found a solution to defeat the parasite. Support us in making our innovation accessible to all beekeepers.
by Pascal and Willi, Winterthur
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Cody – the dog days are over

Film and Community
Feature length documentary film about the power of animals and the bond between man and animals. This film wants to show the human-animal relationship from a different angle.
by Martin, Zürich, London, and Târgoviște
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Emotions in Management

Science and Education
This project is part of my PhD thesis at the University of St.Gallen. I want to find out how emotions and personal relationships influence startup founders’ & managers’ behavior.
by Anne Rickelt, St. Gallen
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Hackuarium needs you, too!

Science, Community, and Art
Three years ago, Hackuarium opened a laboratory for curious minds looking for answers to their questions. Why are our bees dying? Can I safely swim in the lake or make yeast sing? Help us do more!
by Hackuarium, Lausanne and Renens
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Maria lost her husband to the sea. Now, years later, after a storm, she believes to have found him again. But throgh her love a man dies. A film without dialogues. Just the coast and the actros.
by JL, Neda, Galicia and Zürich
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Ü30, Der Spielfilm

Film and Community
Ü30 ist eine Komödie über die Abgründe von Frauen über 30. Verspielt erzählt der Film den Horror des Singleseins, das Grauen im Alltag einer alleinerziehenden Mutter & den Wahnsinn einer Karrierefrau.
by Natascha Beller, Karpi, and Eric Andreae, Zürich
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At The Heart of Congo Kids

Science, Kids / Youth, and Education
A pediatric doctor from the University Clinics of Kinshasa (DR Congo) needs to purchase scientific equipment to do his research and get advice from Swiss cardiologists. Can you help us?
by Patricia Teixidor and Hugues Abriel, Kinshasa
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Food, Fair Trade, and Community
Schokolade ist nicht fair, auch Fairtrade-Schokolade hält nicht was sie verspricht. Das wollen wir ändern. Zusammen mit Dir realisieren wir «Schöki», die beste, fairste und nachhaltigste Schokolade.
by Martin Boyer, Fabiola Müller, and Florian Studer, Lucerne
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La Preuve Scientifique

La Preuve Scientifique de l’Existence de Dieu. Une comédie dramatique et décalée de Fred Baillif. Avec Irène Jacob, Sabine Bach et Jean-Luc Bideau.
by freshprod, Finhaut, Zürich, and Geneva
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wemakeit Festival

Am 6. Februar feiert wemakeit Geburtstag. Gemeinsam mit dir möchten wir die Ideen und Projekte hoch leben lassen, die in den vergangenen vier Jahren bei wemakeit Wirklichkeit wurden. Sei dabei!
by Team wemakeit, Zurich
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Mir langets!

Politics and Journalism
Lasst uns gemeinsam ein Zeichen setzen und mit dem Kauf der Frontseite der Zeitung «20 Minuten» auf die absurden Züge des aktuellen Wahlkampfs aufmerksam machen.
by Donat Kaufmann, Baden
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Veganopolis Café

Food and Startup
The very first vegan take-away in Lausanne!
by Veganopolis Café, Lausanne
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«Roma/Rio» – New Album

Andrea Esperti veut faire un nouvel album. Vous aussi? Aiderez-vous ce tromboniste à enregistrer une dizaine de titres tous plus beaux les uns que les autres?
by Andrea Esperti, Vevey, Lausanne, and Rio de Janeiro
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Transparency of libraries

Politics and Community
Help me to finance an appeal against the University of Geneva. The university should make their subscription fees to Elsevier, Springer and Wiley transparent .
by Christian Gutknecht, Geneva and Dübendorf
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None Of Them & Zweihund

Film and Music
«None Of Them» make music for the 22nd century. Filmmakers zweihund will shoot a video clip in India for the song «Silence», which will appear simultaneously with the debut album.
by Nice Try Records, Mumbai and Zurich
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The Naked Protein

Science, Publishing, and Education
Life depends on hundreds of thousands of proteins. But what do they do? Here is a book to find out! Taken from a popular science blog, discover the tale of 100 proteins told by a biologist and writer.
by PS Magazine, Geneva
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Blumen für Zürich

Community and Environment
Wünschen wir uns nicht alle etwas mehr Natur im Alltag? Wir wollen dies ändern und diesen Sommer das längste Blumenfeld Zürichs ansähen. Vielleicht ist eins der 144 Blumenbeete bald deins?
by Janine Husi and Gudrun Ongania, Zurich
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«Blue Butterfly»

Science and Performing Arts
A new transmedia theater play created by an international team of artists and scientists – help make this innovative cross-disciplinary piece come to life with high-quality projection mapping!
by The Catalyst, Lausanne and Geneva
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Pornydays – Makeout4ultimate

Festival and Art
Porny Days ist Zürichs Festival, das sich der Sexualität in Film und Kunst widmet. Neben Filmen gibt es dieses Jahr auch eine spektakuläre Performance: Makeout4ultimate.
by Iwan, Zurich
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