ADA Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Food and Startup
Introducing a different way to unwind: non-alcoholic spirits powered by a very special plant growing in the Swiss Alps that uplift and calm, without the downsides of alcohol. Pure organic plant magic.
by David Dominguez, Zürich
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CHF 25’916 pledged
93 backers

Empowering Indigenous Women.

Fair Trade, Community, and Environment
Do you know why the empowerment of indigenous women is so important? Indigenous women have their unique knowledge, which is very useful and effective for sustainable development initiatives.
by BluoVerda Deutschland e.V., Padre Abad
119% funded
EUR 8’930 pledged
50 backers

Donation for Afghanistan

Food and Community
Since the country is under the control of the Taliban, the situation has gotten worse for the habitants. Many families are forced to flee from their homes and leave everything behind.
by Education_for_Integration, Kabul, Kandahar, and Herat
105% funded
CHF 31’647 pledged
224 backers


Food, Startup, and Environment
We have developed Luya – the tasty alternative to meat that doesn't try to be meat. 100% natural, circular deliciousness made in Switzerland from rescued organic ingredients.
by Mike Whyte and Flavio Hagenbuch, Zollikofen and Zürich
224% funded
CHF 56’046 pledged
318 backers

Musik statt Lärm

Politics, Community, and Environment
Wie soll unsere Welt klingen? Mit einem witzigen Clip mobilisieren wir für unsere Petition gegen Poserlärm auf den Strassen. Mit deiner Hilfe können wir kräftig Druck auf die Politik machen.
by Lärmliga Schweiz, Zürich
163% funded
CHF 11’441 pledged
125 backers

Let's consume differently!

Startup, Community, and Environment
Help us produce natural household products in reusable glass/metal bottles to minimise waste and our footprint and change consumption habits.
by David and Olivier, Zürich, Cologne, and Brussels
100% funded
CHF 25’070 pledged
97 backers

neon green

Startup, Technology, and Environment
Your account with simple CO2 compensation. Thanks to your green neon Mastercard. With this account, you're planting trees on the go. Be part of the pilot project for digital, green banking!
by neon, Zürich
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CHF 163’840 pledged
1518 backers

FYN Hummus for Switzerland!

Food, agriculture, and Environment
We bring the most innovative products of Swiss agriculture to your kitchen table or office! Our hummus is local, super tasty, healthy and made from 100% CH organic ingredients.
by Anik, Theo, and Johanna, Zürich
105% funded
CHF 15’786 pledged
217 backers

Atelier Nora Engels

Startup, Design, and Art
Mein Lebenstraum wird Wirklichkeit. Es gibt viel zu tun. Im Traum geht das leicht. Real kostet es Zeit, Mut, Kraft und auch Geld. Von Herzen lade ich dich ein, Teil meines Traumprojektes zu werden.
by Holzbildhauerin Nora Engels, Pontresina
100% funded
CHF 50’455 pledged
177 backers

Pepper Mill Away

Design, Fair Trade, and Education
With your purchase of a pepper mill, you will celebrate both the works of graduating apprentices at Smiling Gecko Carpentry and support the cost of training the next batch of apprentices.
by SmilingGecko Carpentry | Cambodia Switzerland, Krong Kampong Chhnang
106% funded
CHF 17’008 pledged
51 backers

TRAIN TO RIFF – Sportswear

Fashion, Sport, and Environment
Wir produzieren nachhaltige und multifunktionale Sportkleidung. Bio, Recycled und Fair sind unsere Prämissen. Um unsere nächste MEGA-Collection auf die Beine zu stellen, brauchen wir Deine Hilfe!
by Oliver and Silvana, Basel
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CHF 51’036 pledged
369 backers

Bedrohte Rinder retten

Agriculture and Environment
Ich züchte vom Aussterben bedrohte Evolèner Rinder und Rätisches Grauvieh. Wegen Schwergeburten brauchen meine Kühe eine Pause. Hilf mir, die Kosten des «Zweite-Chancen-Jahres» gemeinsam zu tragen.
by Anja Tschannen, Fribourg
104% funded
CHF 11’606 pledged
98 backers

School bus for Mongolia

Community and Education
15’000 kilometers, 17 countries and 40 days driving time. As the «Beo Boys» team, we travel from Switzerland to Mongolia – and hand over our VW bus there to a children’s charity for further use.
by Julien Savioz, Thun and Ulaanbaatar
112% funded
CHF 8’412 pledged
69 backers

Bauern & Elefanten SriLankas

Agriculture and Environment
Elefanten und gleichzeitig traditionell arbeitende Bauern in Sri Lanka unterstützen? Das geht! Unser Ziel: Wir ermöglichen eine friedliche Co-Existenz und tun etwas für eine stark bedrohte Tierart!
by Beatrice H, Jonen and Tissamaharama
104% funded
CHF 17’178 pledged
49 backers


Fashion, Startup, and Environment
The idea of UND+CO. is to build clothing and accessories that are good for the people and the planet whilst building consumer awareness. Be part of it!
by UND+CO., Bern and Zürich
150% funded
CHF 13’555 pledged
157 backers

Werde ein Teil des Tierasyls

Agriculture, Community, and Animals
Hilf mit vernachlässigten, misshandelten und ausgesetzten Tieren ein artgerechtes Restleben zu ermöglichen. Unterstütze das Tierasyl bei dringend notwendigen, wintersicheren Sanierungen.
by Tierasyl Waldheim, Safenwil
108% funded
CHF 21’725 pledged
152 backers

AMINA wants to fly.

AMINA is the SAO Community- and Empowerment Centre for women refugees in Athens. At AMINA we support them in taking their next steps towards integration. Help AMINA get momentum and into full swing!
by SAO Association, Athens and Zürich
118% funded
CHF 59’288 pledged
258 backers

Choba Choba – Nativo Project

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment
Cacao diversity is at risk today with an industry producing standardized chocolates. Help us to save rare cacao varieties and together we will create the most amazing Swiss chocolates out of them!
by Choba Choba, Bern and Juanjuí
175% funded
CHF 140’073 pledged
1064 backers

Schweizer Natur Eiscreme

Food, agriculture, and Environment
Unterstütze unsere Verkaufsfiliale Nidau-Biel, die traditionelle und einmalige Schweizer Eiscreme sowie nachhaltige Produkte aus der Bio-Landwirtschaft anbietet. Das ganze Jahr ein wahrer Genuss!
by Rubi’s ICE CREAMERY and CyberTyperCH, Nidau and Olten
19% funded
CHF 5’770 pledged
39 backers

Re-Bolting Tenerife

Community, Sport, and Tourism
The project aims to replace the aging and rusty bolts on Tenerife with new ones. Your donation will help make the island's climbing walls safe again.
by Raphael Amrein, Villa de Arico
51% funded
EUR 2’550 pledged
49 backers

Mó Acá In Amazonía Chocolate

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment
Amazon’s fires may be calming down in Bolivia, but the battle for the future of the world’s biggest tropical rainforest is not over. Please help us protect it by eating chocolate!
by Mó-Aca-In Amazonía, Madidi and Alto Beni
11% funded
CHF 6’815 pledged
47 backers

Kaffee Gourmet

Food, Startup, and Fair Trade
Wir wollen als ein junges Familienunternehmen die Kaffee-Welt aufmischen und einen 100%igen, süssen Arabica Kaffee aus der noblen Region im Süden von Minas Gerais in Brasilien in dein Regal bringen!
by Kaffee Gourmet - Ein junges Familienunternehmen!, Fehraltorf
6% funded
CHF 932 pledged
22 backers

We Are Animals

Fashion, Design, and Community
The minimalistic fashion of We Are Animals stands out and up for animals. Part of the profit goes to a good cause, namely one that fits the animal chosen. You’ll look animally great!
by Niklaus Schneider and Céline Schlegel, Zürich
21% funded
CHF 3’244 pledged
44 backers

A greenhouse for Embalama

Agriculture, Community, and Environment
We need building material! With this and your support we would like to build a greenhouse in the Tibetan mountain village of Embalama to supply the village population with organic vegetables and more.
by vitamintexte and Snowland Children Foundation, Helambu
20% funded
CHF 5’090 pledged
46 backers